Can a Cup of Lipton Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

lipton in a clear mug

If you’re on the quest to weight loss, there are many sacrifices that you should make. They include giving up on junk food, fast food, sweets, and sugary drinks. But fortunately, tea is not one of the things you should give up on. Fitness and wellness buffs praise tea for its health … Read more

Best Teas for Optimal Focus, Memory, and Cognitive Function

Image showing a hand pouring tea into cups.

Even when we are sleeping or not consciously thinking, our brain is constantly processing information. For us to be able to concentrate, learn, and remember information, the engines of our brain must keep running. Many people rely on coffee or other caffeinated beverages to kickstart the engines of their brains every morning. … Read more

Best Teas for Digestion

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Tea has been consumed for centuries to aid in the treatment of digestion and other ailments. Several herbal teas of research show that they help in digestive issues. Fortunately, the majority of them are readily available and standard to prepare. The Best 6 Teas For Digestion 1. Green Tea – Promotes Overall … Read more

Best Teas that Help You Fall Asleep

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Getting good quality sleep is imperative for your overall health. Unfortunately, over 30% of people suffer from sleep-related problems, which render them unable to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get restorative sleep. Not getting high-quality sleep for the recommended seven or more hours can result in various health conditions, such as diabetes, … Read more

Best Teas to Help Boost Your Immune System

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Tea comes in second place for the most widely consumed beverage around the globe. In addition to soothing your nerves and giving you just the perfect amount of caffeine needed to kickstart the day, tea can also help boost your immune system. Tea has played an integral in ancient herbal healing in … Read more

How Does Tea Help You In Reducing Belly Fat?

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It is widely known that tea is one of the healthiest drinks that you can consume during any time of the day, whether you are on a work break or just relaxing in the comfort of your home. Tea is considered healthy because of its numerous benefits to our body, including releasing … Read more

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea [What You Need to Know]

Tea is an awesome drink or beverage, and almost every person will agree with this, no matter if this person likes to drink tea or not. Herbal tea is made of herbs, as its name already says, and it can give you a much-needed boost of energy in the morning. Some people … Read more

Interesting Facts About White Tea

Benefits of white tea. History of white tea.

Many people know about black and green tea, but there’s also something known as white tea. There are so many interesting facts about white tea that you might want to start drinking it right away after hearing them! However, that’s not what this article is about. If you are a drinker of … Read more

10 Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know About

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has a very long history, and it is not exactly known when and who founded green tea in its original form or how it was discovered. We usually hear of green tea being consumed on a regular basis in countries like China and Japan. However, green tea is now a … Read more

Is Tea Really Good For Your Health? A Short Guide

Is Tea Good For Your Health

Unlike coffee, tea is generally safer to drink every single day, but before you start reading this article, you must realize – don’t overdo it. After years and years of debating is coffee good or bad for your heart and for health in general, there are still arguments about this subject – … Read more