Amazing health benefits of drinking Japanese green tea

The world today doesn’t pause for a nanosecond, with the advent of globalization, industrialization, urbanization, and modernization; everyone is bound to have a very monotonous lifestyle. And with lethargy taking the lead in the digitalized globe, it becomes obvious to suffer from a plethora of named and unnamed problems; physically and mentally both. But the very best Japanese green tea comes to the rescue. The tea has some astounding benefits, which are scientifically proven as well.

The tea culture in Japan evolved when a group of monks returned from China, and in the earlier phase the privilege of consuming the very best Japanese tea was limited to the spiritual class of the society only, but eventually, with the advent of time it gradually spread to the aristocratic class as well, and from there the cultivation of tea began in Japan. Since then, there has been no looking back for the country to produce the best green tea. The type is determined by the cultivation technique used coupled with other methods like drying and crushing.

Hundreds of scientists unanimously agree that consuming green tea lowers the risk of cancer, inflammation, and high blood pressure.

These studies are not the prime and sole determinant about the benefits of Japanese green tea, yet there are certain sure shot benefits, of which a few are:

Antioxidants that boost health

Green tea has a very high level of antioxidants and bioactive compounds like polyphenols, catechins, etc. They also act as anti-aging compounds found in blueberries, red wine, and dark chocolate protecting cells and molecules from any kind of damage.

Heart health

People that consume five or more cups of green tea in a day are highly less likely to be suffering from any kind of cardiovascular disorder as compared to others who do not consume at all.

Brain health

L-theanine, a special amino acid works magically with caffeine and improves brain functioning. The flavonoids of the green have highly protective effects on brain cells or neurons, lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’ disease

Oral health

The catechins in green tea inhibit oral bacterial growth and prevent bad breath. This, in the long run, also prevents plaque, cavity, and in certain cases, oral cancer as well.


The Japanese green tea has an unbelievably amazing meditative effect. Each sip of the tea reminds the consumer to sit back and relax and have a moment with their soul. And this is something which the world lost for a very long time. Green tea is known to boost alertness, just like caffeine but without causing any side effects.


The herbal and anti-inflammatory qualities of green tea help reduce the blood sugar levels to a great extent. Hence Green tea is the road to nirvana for the people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss

Green tea gained maximum popularity when it came to be known as the fat burner. A lot of studies have concluded that green tea does burn a lot of fat as it systematically increases the rate of metabolism. And even if it does not burn fat, it surely helps in the digestion of healthy and unhealthy food at almost the same rate. Undoubtedly, it has a tremendous restorative quality to the mind and body.


It has been historically proven that green tea is known to be providing innumerable health benefits and is more often than not considered as one of the main reasons why Japanese people have the maximum longevity in the world as compared to any other country. The research about green tea has been articulated from multiple angles of science and technology and the conclusions derived are high resemblance.

Just by developing a good habit of having at least 2-3 cups of green tea each day, one can skip the big bills of medication and hospitals. It is just a matter of starting from somewhere. And with all the reasons clubbed together along with the historical relevance it is no doubt why the Japanese treasure their traditional tea so much and why Japanese green tea is indeed the best.