Is Tea Good For Your Health

Unlike coffee, tea is generally safer to drink every single day, but before you start reading this article, you must realize – don’t overdo it. After years and years of debating is coffee good or bad for your heart and for health in general, there are still arguments about this subject – some people say that coffee is bad for your health, other says it’s good. If you can’t start your day without a coffee, you should know that coffee is generally safe to use every morning, but you should not drink more than two cups of coffee. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Are you coffee or tea person?

If you belong to a group of people that doesn’t like coffee, you should go with tea instead. Tea is also very popular beverage, and it is even more popular than coffee in many countries. There is a good reason why doctors suggest their patients to drink tea instead of coffee – tea has less caffeine than coffee in general, it is made of herbs that could be improve your health and boost your immune system. Of course, that all depends of type of tea and from what it is made of, and because of this, you should investigate a little what type of tea is good for you, and do you want to drink tea to boost energy, to relax or to sleep better.

First things first – don’t start drinking tea if you use any kind of medications before talking to your doctor. There are many types of tea that interact with medications and they can cause all kinds of problems – to increase or decrease efficacy of medications. If you take medications for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol or medications for your heart, talk to your doctor without any delay and ask about any possible interactions. You have every right to know about this subject. Some green tea compounds can have impact on medications, and only doctor or your healthcare provider can tell you may you drink or tea or not, especially if you have any type of health issue or if you take any type of medication.

Is tea good for your heart?

Cardiovascular disease are one of the most common diseases all over the world. Drinking tea can help you to maintain healthy heart, because many studies agree that tea consumation decreases risk of heart disease. So, what tea should you drink? According to Dr. Nikolaos Alexopoulos from Greece, green tea is safe choice, because it contains flavonoids and they decrease risk of heart tissue inflammation. Tea with berries is rich in antioxidants. On the other hand, black tea is good in reducing bad and total cholesterol and this decrease risk of heart problems. Hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure, while rooibos hardens arteries around your heart. Other than these types of tea, you can choose some fruit or herbal tea. Just read about any warnings and side effects and don’t drink tea often during 24 hours.

In the last few years there are more and more information that teas are helping in the fight against various diseases – diabetes, cancer, that tea improves general health, and it is good in the fight against dementia and aging, but it is necessary to examine how well this information is accurate or scientifically proven. There are several types of tea, and basic types are white, black and green tea. Different types of tea affects human body differently.

Some of health benefits of using tea are:

– green and black tea reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease,

– green and black tea are good for the health of the heart,

– green tea is used as a cancer prevention.

Why is drink tea beneficial for your health?

Many researchers believe that because of flavonoids, tea consumption can reduce risk of another heart attack. Of course, that also depends from general health conditions and eating habits, but overall, tea is helpful if you combine it with other healthy food. Studies found that there is lower death rate among moderate tea drinkers.
Besides heart-health related benefits, tea is also good against migraines and headaches, it prevents decaying of teeth, it’s rich in minerals thus it improves general body function.

Do you drink tea the right way?

People who drink tea still need to know that, if they want tea to have positive effects on health, the tea must be consumed in the right way. Thus, for example, avoid use of ice tea, especially often use. Ice tea is tasty and delicious during hot summer days, but it’s full of sugar in most cases. Also, ice tea has less polyphenols of hot tea. If you are still a fan of ice tea, prepare it without sugar, so you will consume fewer calories, but you will be able to cool off.

Also, avoid buying teas with additives and sugar. It is best to cook tea at home, three to five minutes in boiling water, and consume it warm. Milk should not be added, not only because it increases amount of calories, but because milk eliminates positive effects of tea. If you find taste of tea insufficiently aromatic, instead of sugar and milk, you can add stevia or honey. Many teas has caffeine, and we all know that caffeine is stimulant. Taking too much caffeine can temporarily increase blood pressure and heart rate, so you need to be careful about caffeine intake. If you think that caffeine has negative effects on your body, choose tea without caffeine.


According to a study from 2009, it has been found that moderate consumption of green tea reduces the risk of cancer of the prostate, colon, ovary and lungs. However, more research is needed and more scientific facts must be tested in order to determine whether it’s accurate assumption that tea prevents various diseases and reduces the risk of getting them. Of course, this should not prevent you to consume tea, on the contrary, moderate consumption of tea is definitely good for your health, and you can see its positive effects for yourself after a few weeks of drinking tea. You’ll feel better, calmer, but with more energy.

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