How Does Tea Help You In Reducing Belly Fat?

It is widely known that tea is one of the healthiest drinks that you can consume during any time of the day, whether you are on a work break or just relaxing in the comfort of your home. Tea is considered healthy because of its numerous benefits to our body, including releasing antioxidants that helps us fight toxins and also providing us with nutrients that can strengthen several organs of the body. While many drink tea for its antioxidants, there are some people that drink it to reduce belly fat. Here are several reasons why tea is beneficial in reducing belly fat and weight.

drinking tea after exercise

Can Boost Your Metabolism

Our metabolism often slows down whenever our bodies rest or take a break, but there are certain food items that we can take that will boost our metabolism, and one of those items is tea. A pack of green tea would often have the antioxidant catechin and caffeine, which are two components of tea that boost our body’s metabolic rate. When we have faster metabolism, our body will be able to burn more calories, and thus lose more fat. By taking tea at least thrice a day, out metabolism won’t slow down.

Can Replace Drinks with High Calories

Sports drinks and sodas often contain high amounts of calories, so they cannot help you in losing weight since they would just add to the calories that are already in your body. On the other hand, tea contains zero calories, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting extra calories while drinking it during specific periods of the day. Because it has zero calories, tea can act as a substitute for high-calorie drinks that often drink daily. Change your habit of drinking sports drinks and sodas, and just stick to drinking tea to lose weight and belly fat.

Can Be a Substitute to Snacks

Instead of snacking mindlessly without thinking about the fats and the calories that your snacks give your body, why not try drinking tea during snack time? Drinking a hot cup of tea during breaks or in the morning will allow you to feel full even without eating or drinking too much, which allows you to consume less food that will give you more calories. If you are still feeling hungry after eating one pack of cookies, you can just drink tea instead of getting more cookies so that you will feel full. Control your meals and your diet using tea to have fewer calories.

May Block Excess Fat

Studies show that the catechin called epigallocatechin (EGCG) found in green tea is said to reduce fate storage in your body and regulate your metabolism. By having more EGCG, your body will able to prevent or block the formation of new fat cells, which can further increase your weight and the size of your belly fat over time. Besides reducing fat, EGCG also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal wounds faster on your body. So, drinking green tea is proven to have plenty of benefits besides reducing your belly fat.

Reduces Bloating

Feeling bloated after drinking or eating too much can prevent you from losing weight, as it would become difficult for your body to remove all the excess fat and water. By drinking tea, your body will feel more relax, thus reducing the bloated sensation that you are having. The key to reduce bloating is through the liver, which is an organ that green tea can help in absorbing nutrients in improving metabolism. Dandelion tea is the best type of tea for reducing the bloating feeling in your body, as it can detox the liver and reduce water weight gain.

Can Serve as Body Fuel

There’s a reason why many people drink tea in the morning, and that is because it can serve as body fuel that can make a person feel more energized and motivated to go to work or school. The body-fueling capabilities of tea are attributed to its caffeine, which is a chemical also found in coffee that can give a person a boost in energy. With the help of caffeine, your body will feel more energized and less groggy, although the effects of caffeine often last for only a few hours. So, if you want to get more energy throughout the day, you can drink tea during snack time. The body fuel ability of tea is also beneficial after a work out to reduce weight, since it can easily replenish your lost energy after strenuous exercise.

Regulates Your Hormones

There are specific hormones that control hunger and fat storage, and with the help of tea, you can have more control over those hormones and prevent them from increasing your weight and belly fat. There are several varieties of tea that can help balance your hormone levels like rooibos tea, and these types of tea can also be beneficial in reducing your stress levels by regulating the hormones that control stress.

Those are the seven tea benefits that are effective in reducing belly fat and your overall weight. Of course, a slimmer belly cannot be achieved by tea consumption only, as you would also need to add proper diet and exercise, which can also help to have a healthier lifestyle.