Lipton Tea Uses Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka

Tea in a glass cup, mint leaves

There are so many tea brands, blends, and flavors that you might forget about Lipton. Whether or not you’re a fan of Lipton, you probably know what Lipton tea exactly tastes like. Lipton is a household name when it comes to tea, but you may not know what really makes Lipton the … Read more

Best Teas for Detox

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When you hear the word detox, the phrase is contentious. It is frequently associated with rapid weight reduction! Detoxification is the process of eliminating a poison or toxin according to clinical definitions. However, there is a sort of detox that can exist achieved midway. It is between losing weight quickly and eliminating … Read more

Tisanes: What Herbal Tea Should You Prefer and Why?

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Tisane, most commonly known as herbal tea, is arguably one of the healthiest beverages that you can drink, as it contains plenty of nutrients that can help nourish and strengthen your body. There are many types of herbal tea to choose from, and each type would often have unique benefits. If you … Read more

Top 7 Tata Tea Flavors

Tata Tea Gold

Tata Tea is a popular tea brand in India, one of the countries in the world with a collective love for tea. For Indians, “chai” is more than a cup of tea to star their day. It’s part of the people’s culture and lifestyle. Tata Tea is the world’s second-largest manufacturer and … Read more

Guide to Boba Tea

Boba tea, sometimes called Bubble tea, is one of Taiwan’s most popular beverages. It is also becoming more and more popular around the world including the United States.  This refreshing drink took Asia by storm, as bubble tea shops keep popping up in almost every corner of the region’s countries. From Vietnam … Read more

Popular Tea Blends

If you drink tea on a daily basis, chances are you probably tasted different tea types and flavors. Today, there are a lot of tea flavors that are available in the market. They might look the same, but their taste and their benefits are different. When it comes to tea, what is … Read more

Types of Tea You Might Not Know

Tea is prepared by pouring hot water over cured leaves, tea is an aromatic and relaxing drink that is consumed all over the world since the 3rd century AD. There are several types of teas, such as black tea, yellow tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Did you know that other types … Read more

What is Pu-Erh Tea?

Compared to other tea types, Pu-erh tea is the most oxidized tea. To obtain its unique taste, is often matured that’s why it tends to be a bit expensive. Compared to other types of teas that get musty overtime, the Pu-erh tea’s flavor improves with age just like fine wine. In fact, … Read more

What is Yellow Tea?

Chinese are probably the highest consumers of tea in the world; maybe that’s why several types of tea originated from China. One of them is yellow tea which is considered to be the rarest type of tea in the whole world. Yellow tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, and … Read more

What is Black Tea?

When the word tea comes in, most of us would probably think of iced tea, sweet tea, sun tea, or afternoon tea. Well, they are some of the most famous tea flavors around the world, and they are all made from black tea. In fact, even the famous Earl Grey and English … Read more

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is one type of tea that is made from the Camellia sinensis buds and leaves. It is from the same plant that is used to make black teas and oolong teas. The only difference is that green tea does not undergo the same oxidation and withering process. Green tea was … Read more

What is White Tea?

White tea is recognized as one of the gentle tea varieties because it goes through minimal processing. In order to produce white tea, the tea plant’s leaves should be harvested before it opens fully. The buds should still be covered with fine white hairs, that’s why it’s called white tea. The buds … Read more

Different Kinds of Tea

A cup of tea a day can help you stay healthy and feel happy. Tea is an intricate beverage that has different varieties and flavors which is based on production methods and cultivation regions. In fact, there are several kinds of teas ranging from the classic pure tea varieties to spiced teas … Read more

Rishi Matcha Green Tea Bags Review [Check this updated info]

Review of Rishi green tea   Matcha tea bags

Rishi Matcha green tea is something special, Matcha is powdered green tea and it tastes a bit different than Sencha tea. But after some time when you get used to it, you will drink it every day and you could not imagine your day without it. This package contains fifteen tea bags, … Read more

Twinings Green Tea Review [Check this updated info]

Twinings Tea Sencha Tea Reviews

I must admit that I haven’t heard of Twinings green tea several months ago. But as a green tea lover, it didn’t take too long before I came across, giving that it’s a very popular brand of green tea. This Twinings green tea consists of natural ingredients and is made by Twinings, … Read more

Yogi Detox Tea Review [Check this updated info for 2021]

Yogi Detox

Read reviews for Yogi Detox tea and choose if this tea is the right one for you or not. If you are interested in weight loss and detox tea, you probably heard of Yogi Detox tea. If you haven’t heard, you probably don’t live on this planet! Yogi tea for detoxification is … Read more

Review of NOW Green Tea Extract [Check this updated info]

Reviews of Green Tea Extract by NOW

If you are interested in reviews for NOW green tea extract, you are at the right place. We collected both positive and negative reviews from buyers of this product on Amazon, and we wrote an article about the advantages and disadvantages of this extract. As always, we try to be objective, and … Read more

Review of Bigelow Organic Green Tea [Check this updated info]

Bigelow Green Organic Tea   Full Review

Bigelow is a company related to tea products and it is established more than sixty years ago. Recipes for tea in this company are secret, they are tasty and delicious and the company is well known for more than forty types of tea which they sold all over the world. Bigelow organic … Read more

Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea Review

Total Tea Review

This supplement is something that you really need to try! Total Tea Gentle Detox tea is herbal supplement with more than one thousand reviews and ratings from customers! This tea will make you look better, you will not feel bloated, it also can help with constipation and weight loss. Gentle detox tea … Read more

Baetea Detox Herbal Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea Comparison

Baetea Tea Supplement vs Matcha Green Tea Powder

Looking for Baetea Detox Herbal Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea Comparison? You’re on the right page! Baetea 14 day tea supplement for detox is currently the number one best seller in the Herbal tea beverages category. If you think it’s time to clear your body from toxins and all bad stuff, this … Read more

Everything About Oolong Tea [Check this updated info]

history and origins of oolong tea

Origins of oolong tea Oolong tea received its unique and amazing name in a quite amazing way. It was so amazing that no one is really sure how it got its name. According to one theory, oolong tea came right after Tea Cake tribute tea. Because it looks like a dragon, its … Read more