Stariver Electric Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle Review

Stariver Stainless Steel Electic Kettle for Tea

There are so many kettles on the market that people use every day to make tea, it is not that easy to find the best one. But, we have a model that is currently number one hot new release if you need tea kettle as soon as possible. With affordable price, Stariver kettle is great choice, just read our article and learn about its features and specifications.

Stariver electric tea is cordless and it has elements made of stainless steel. Capacity of this model is two liters and it is currently number one in Hot new release category. With Stariver kettle, you can make around eight ounces or eight or nine cups of tea. Its design is great for home or office use, you can make tea or coffee, it boils water in just a few minutes.

This stainless steel kettle has one thousand watts of power, it saves energy and it has a sound when water is boiled. There is protection against boiling on dry, if you forgot to pour water in it. Both inside and outside are made of stainless steel. Product is BPA free and you can use it without worrying about health issues. Handle is not getting warm, and there are levelers that show you how many water you should pour inside kettle.

Stariver electric tea kettle features

Main specifications of this product are:

Kettle works on 110V voltage, and 60Hz. It is very easy to keep it clean, you just need to wipe outside with damp cloth. Don’t pour water over maximum level, and don’t use chemicals to clean it. After water is boiled, and after you make tea, don’t leave water inside.

– dimensions are 8.5 inches x 6.1 inches x 9.1 inches,

– made of stainless steel,

– warranty lasts twelve months,

– weight is two pounds.

If you think you need a new kettle for tea preparation, this model would be great choice. Kettle saves energy and saves time, no matter if you like to drink tea at home or in your office. Design of kettle is simple but nice and modern. Kettle has solid construction and it works very fast and efficient. If you leave water inside after boiling it, small amount of deposits of mineral can build up, so make sure you empty your kettle after use. If you forget to do that, just use vinegar to remove those deposits. For more information, use instructions from the seller. Seller is very cooperative, and you will get all support you need. Before first use, you should boil water with loose leaf tea. If you notice any damage after delivery but before first use, contact seller right away and they will replace it as soon as possible.

Most of customers are satisfied with functions of this model, but one of them returned product because kettle didn’t work after several tries. Several buyers didn’t like how water taste, but you should not drink water after boiling, you need to use water to make tea.

Final thoughts about Stariver stainless steel kettle

Stariver is a company with good reputation, they provide nice support and they will help you to choose best product according to your needs. Stariver electric tea kettle is currently number one hot new release and it has very good reviews. Make sure you read all reviews before you decide should you buy this product or not. Also, there are several images of products uploaded by customers so make sure to check those out too. We surely can recommend this kettle to everyone!

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