Planning a Bridal Tea Shower

Before that most awaited wedding day, a bridal party is one much thrilling day for the bride and her family and closest friends.

There are a wide variety of themes and ideas for preparing a bridal tea shower. There are classic and modern tea parties, but whatever it may be, tea parties never go out of style and essence.

There are plenty of themes to choose from, but for a classic bride, a traditional pre-wedding party is likely what she’ll gravitate towards. Perhaps, some bride-to-be sticks to one of the most iconic shower styles out there: the tea party.

How and What to Prepare for a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Choose a particular BRIDAL SHOWER THEME.

In any bridal shower or party, in particular, having a specific theme makes your celebration looks unique and beautiful. It also reflects your personality and the mood that you want your guests to feel.

Setting a theme for a tea party for a bridal shower immediately elevates the event, so make sure you choose the venue, decorations, utensils, and other ornaments appropriately.

You may have it in a nice cozy hotel restaurant, either just in your town or a neighboring city. An upscale restaurant or rentable hall space will also do as long as you ensure the best preparation and arrangements.

As much as possible, avoid hosting a bridal shower tea party in your home unless you have put a lot of attention and detail into your outdoor entertaining or dining room space. Setting a great atmosphere and a sophisticated tone for your event is step one before the cute little sandwiches even make their appearance.


Of course, before sending out the invitations, make sure you start and complete your guest list. You can either make a printed invitation with a personal touch. But nowadays, sending invitations via email is perfectly acceptable, practical, and even applicable for a tea party.

There are several online sites for picking out an invitation and managing the guest list. Furthermore, if you have picked a theme already, you can have it reflected in your invitation to inspire a color scheme for the event or the event’s design.

Who are invited?

Although most bridal showers have female guests, lighter food, and more feminine decorations, it doesn’t mean male friends or bride’s male family members are not welcome. If a bride wishes to open her bridal shower tea party up to members of the opposite sex, so be it! She exactly knows what and who would make her bridal tea party shower more exciting and fun, so it’s nice to keep an open mind about who might enjoy this kind of event when sending out invites.

Plan the drink menu and the food menu

This party is not for heavy meals or foods, and neither a food-focused event, so make sure guests know this in advance, and they are informed that they are joining a momentous event with refreshments and light snacks only.

Food is often served in individual servings, making it easier for the guests to try various items. Tea sandwiches are a must, and it is recommended to have varieties. Cheddar herbs scone, curried deviled eggs, fig jam and prosciutto, and smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives are popular choices. For sweets, you can include different types of cakes, matcha-macaron ice cream sandwiches, milk chocolate, and Earl Grey Budino.

Besides popular tea blends as the main drink, a tea party menu often includes sides of milk, cream, and honey ready for guests. Champagne or a bottle of sparkling wine is also customarily served at tea parties, and it might also be fun to have a special cocktail to toast with.

Plan the table setting

Setting the table for a tea party bridal shower is one of the most crucial parts of the occasion. As the table is one of the event’s focus, it should be a presentable and beautiful centerpiece around which guests congregate.

This is where the excellent choice of linens matters. Stunning linen can make any ordinary table look elegant. You can make other artsy accents like putting cake stands and tiers to display the food artistically. To personalize the bridal shower, you can order cocktail napkins with the bride and groom’s name or initials.

While the tables’ centerpiece should be the tea set, flowers, confetti, and garlands can also be a beautiful part of the decorations. You can also provide cards to instruct guests where to sit during the bridal tea party and make sure they are comfortable with the persons they are seated with.

Besides the numerous health benefits some herbal teas can offer, they are also unique and vital to any woman’s bridal shower party.