JUEQI Cast Iron Teapot Kettle vs. Luxtea Glass Teapot Comparison

And here is something totally new on the market and a bit different than other products.

Two models worth buying!

We are presenting two hottest new releases, there are not many reviews for these products but we are sure they will become more and more popular.

First product is JUEQI Cast Iron Teapot Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser and you can read its benefits and features below.

JUEQI Cast Iron Kettle vs. Luxtea Glass Teapot Comparison

JUEQI Cast Iron Teapot Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser Features

JUEQI Cast Iron teapot kettle comes with stainless steel infuser, or stainer if you like to call it that way.

There are five different models of this particular teapot, and style is what makes these models unique and very elegant.

You can choose between Gold Peony, Goldfish, Plum Blossom, Warring States and Cherry Blossoms.

There is also Cast Iron Teapot Triver as a bonus.

Cast iron is one of the best materials for producing teapots because it is well made, it’s high quality and it gives you a chance to taste the best tea there is.

Cast iron keeps water hot and warm for a long time. Design of this teapot is truly amazing. It will not rust, it will serve you for years and years to come.

Main specifications of JUEQI Cast Iron teapot kettle are:

  • amazing patterns,
  • superior performance,
  • Japanese style,
  • keeps the flavor of tea,
  • and more!

Benefits and disadvantages of JUEQI kettle

JUEQI is a professional company that provides high-quality appliances for your home.

Its teapots offer tasty and delicious teas of any kind. You just need to follow instructions and to make one of the best tasting teas you will ever try.

Before first use, you need to follow instructions from the main product page on Amazon or seller’s website.

There are also some precautionary measures you need to follow in order to protect teapot.

Don’t rinse the teapot with very cold water when it is hot. Do not leave tea inside over a longer period of time, especially not overnight. Wipe the surface of the kettle with a cloth.

Product is not intended for microwave use. Dimensions of this product are 6.7 inches x 6.3 inches x 3.9 inches.

It weighs only 2.7 pounds. There is only one review, for now, it’s five-star rating and buyer says that it’s a great kettle with a solid design.

How to prepare tea in JUEQI Cast Iron Kettle

It’s not that hard to make tea in JUEQI kettle: you need to put the tea into the infuser and put it into the kettle.

Add really warm water and steep for around four minutes. After that, enjoy your cup of tea. After use, don’t use detergent for cleaning, and don’t use the product in a dishwasher.

If you like tea, this is a great product for yourself, but it is also good as a gift for your loved one, a friend or family member.

Luxtea Glass Teapot Features

If you are looking for something more simple, Luxtea teapot made of glass is definitely a good choice. It is also a new release, and it already has all five-star ratings out of ten reviews.

This means it will be definitely one of the top rated products in the future. The teapot is made of good quality materials, it’s made of borosilicate glass and it comes with a handle.

Design is simple but very nice. The capacity of the teapot is seven hundred milliliters or 25 ounces. It is intended for use for leaf tea or teabags.

Main specifications of Luxtea teapot are:

  • transparent,
  • made of glass,
  • free shipping,
  • affordable price.

Dimensions of this model are 5.8 inches x 5 inches x 4.8 inches. Its weight is 12.8 ounces and it is available on Amazon from March 2017.

Customers are really delighted with this model. They agree that it is one of the best teapots they ever had. It looks nice and wonderful and it worth every penny.

If you have cups of glass, they will match perfectly. Glass is a bit fragile in general, but the texture of this teapot looks smooth and fine, but sturdy.

Final thoughts on JUEQI Cast Iron Teapot Kettle vs. Luxtea Glass Teapot

In this article, we presented to completely different but uniquely interesting products. JUEQI teapot is a bit more expensive that Luxtea teapot but this is understandable because it is made of cast iron.

But, the price is not too high, so if you have some money to spend, you can easily decide do you want teapot made of glass or kettle of cast iron.

JUEQI kettle has a bigger capacity, so if this is also important to you, you can go with this model.