FORLIFE Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser

The ForLife Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser is definitely one of the best-rated teapots on Amazon. If you don’t believe me, check out the main product page and see it for yourself. In fact, many people might immediately think of the ForLife brand when they think of stump teapots.


Retro iron teapots for coffee or tea


For me personally, the red teapot is most beautiful, but there are also nine other colors you can choose from – gray, carrot, blue, or even mandarin, purple, lime. If you don’t find these colors attractive, you can choose among the more classic black, turquoise, and white options.

The teapot is extra fine, complete with an inbuilt with tea infuser. The lid cannot be removed, as it’s hung on springs.

About the Brand

The mission of the brand ForLife seems to be functionality combined with simplicity. It’s actually a provider of several kinds of teapots in addition to the regular stump version. For instance, you can find a round stump teapot there, which is nicely rounded in the classic teapot fashion.

The company itself was founded back in 1994 by Masa Fujii, who is a ceramic designer. The emphasis on the products here is that of simple design with as much convenience as possible. To this end, ForLife is known not just for its teapots, but a variety of other items such as a French coffee press, a mug with an infuser, and an iced tea jug.

Finally, the brand also makes sure to give us a wide variety of colors. In the case of the ForLife Stump Teapot, we have a choice between no less than 11 colors. This will hopefully match any kind of kitchen décor we’re aiming for. If we prefer something in a neutral tone, there’s that option as well.

Features of the ForLifeStump  Teapot

The design of this teapot is amazing; you can put it wherever you want. The size saves you space in the kitchen. This is not the best part, though– the best thing about this teapot is that you can wash each and every part in your dishwasher.

The materials here are BPA-free as well as resistant to heat. The dimensions of the teapot are 6.8 inches by 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

The weight of this product is only 1.1 pounds. It’s been available on Amazon since 2013, which means the product is received well among customers.

The FORLIFE 18-ounce Stump Teapot

First things first – don’t confuse this teapot with a kettle. You don’t boil water in ForLife teapot, you need to use the kettle for this.

The teapot is used for steeping tea and only for steeping tea. Don’t put the teapot on the stove top.

The teapot is made of ceramics; the spout is well designed but you should pour tea slowly to avoid spills. According to reviews, teapot looks cute, small and it does the job. Plus, some users say that it’s hard to spill from this teapot even if we try! Pouring slowly should be no issue, as the flow is clean and smooth every single time.

Why Use a Stump Teapot?

A stump teapot is like its name—short and stumpy. It’s not meant to boil water, but just steeps a nice cup of tea when you want it.

The main reason why you should consider this kind of teapot is the utility and convenience factor. It’s a small teapot, with a short spout that makes for easy pouring. While it’s made of ceramic just like a regular teapot, it’s actually more modern than the traditional models.

If you enjoy brewing and drinking loose-leaf tea or know someone who does, this teapot is a must-have.

What’s more, this teapot has a very cute design and is good enough to display in your kitchen. While it would easily fit inside a small space, there’s no reason why you can’t have it out on the counter or table.

Furthermore, there’s also the advantage of the inbuilt tea infuser. This infuser is made of stainless steel, which means that it will retain the pure taste of your tea. There’s no plastic here to ruin the taste. It also makes for easy brewing and cleanup, as all you have to do is put your tea leaves inside the infuser.

When your tea is done, you can simply pour it out and throw away the tea leaves from the infuser. This will make it easy to wash the rest of the teapot.

Why Should We Choose the ForLife Stump Teapot?

While the ForLife brand isn’t the only one offering a stump teapot, it’s definitely one of the go-to picks for those in the know. The variety of eye-catching colors, the fine construction, and the flawless pouring are just a few features that make this option so popular.

Plus, the feedback online says that the tea infuser here is so finely made that it wouldn’t let even a tiny tea leaf escape into the tea itself. This makes it easy to have a cup of tea without worrying about proper training. What’s more, the infuser is removable, even if the lid is not. If you want to use tea bags for brewing your tea, you have the option of taking the infuser away.

One of the most-admired features, however, is that this teapot is actually stackable, Since the lid is flat, you can store other items on top of it. This is definitely a handy factor when you want to make the most of your cabinet space or pack up stuff for a trip.

In fact, some restaurants even use these teapots to serve their guests. Their waiters even stack two or three teapots on top of each other.

According to other reviews and the frequently asked questions on Amazon, the glaze on this stump teapot has proven to withstand a long period of consistent use. Even if the item has been through several hundred uses and ran through commercial dishwashers, it would still hold up quite well.

Downsides of the ForLife Stump Teapot

As with any other product we might purchase, there are some downsides to using the ForLife Stump Teapot. It doesn’t claim to last forever, as it’s made of ceramic. Hence, you might not want to handle this too roughly or it will break. If you’re going on a rough journey, it might be a better idea to consider getting a cast iron teapot instead.

The lid not coming off might be an issue with some users, but it’s actually a convenience. It means that you can’t lose the lid when cleaning or washing the teapot.

Plus, there are also some (very few) complaints about the teapot cracking when hot water was poured into it. Even if that does happen with a few rare models, we hope the manufacturer warranty will cover it.

Finally, we can’t expect this teapot to have an insulating effect on the hot liquid inside. It’s not double-walled, nor is it lined with stainless steel to preserve the temperature. This means that if you want hot tea, you have to be vigilant and make it right then. Fortunately, the teapot will keep the tea warm for drinking two cups at a time.

Final Thoughts about ForLife Stump Teapot

The ForLife Stump teapot with infuser currently has around six hundred reviews, and around eighty-five percent of reviewers gave it five-star ratings.

Only one percent of reviewers gave teapot one star and two-star ratings. This gives us quite a bit of assurance about the quality and performance of this item.

If you need new a teapot for tea preparation, this is definitely one of the best models you can get. The capacity of the teapot is 18 ounces, which should be perfect for one or two people. Incidentally, the quality and appearance of this teapot make it a perfect choice for a gift to a newlywed couple or as a housewarming present.

Overall, the ForLife Stump teapot is one of the best-rated teapots, and its functions are quite impressive. You might have a tough time choosing between the colors, but the experience is definitely worth the investment.