FORLIFE Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser

FORLIFE Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser is definitely one of the best rated teapots on Amazon, if you don’t believe me check out main product page and see it for yourself. For me personally, red teapot is most beautiful, but there are also nine other colors you can choose from – gray, carrot, blue, or even mandarine, purple lime, or if you don’t find this attractive, you can choose among black graph, turquoise and white. Teapot is extra fine with tea infuser and lid cannot be removed.

Features of Forlife teapot

Design of this teapot is amazing, you can put teapot wherever you want, it saves you space in the kitchen and this is not the best part – best part is – you can wash each and every part in your dishwasher. Materials are BPA-free and teapot is resistant to heat. Dimensions of teapot are 6.8 inches by 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Weight of product is only 1.1 pounds. It’s available on Amazon since 2013 which means product is accepted well among customers.

Forlife 18 ounce teapot

What buyers say about this model?

First things first – don’t confuse this teapot with a kettle. You don’t boil water in Forlife teapot, you need to use kettle for this. Teapot is used for steeping tea and only for steeping tea. Don’t put teapot on stove top. Teapot is made of ceramics, spout is well designed but you should pour tea slowly to avoid spills. According to reviews, teapot looks cute, small and it does the job.

Final thoughts about Forlife Stump Teapot

Forlife Stump teapot with infuser currently have around four hundred and sixty reviews, and around eighty five percent of reviewers gave it five star ratings. Only one percent of reviewers gave teapot one star and two star ratings. You can make tea so easy now, once you receive this teapot in front of your house. If you need new teapot for tea preparation, this is definitely one of the best models you can get. Capacity of teapot is 18 ounce.

If you can decide what model of teapot to buy, Forlife Stump teapot is one of the best rated and its functions are quite impressive.

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