Can You Travel on a Plane with an Unold Travel Kettle?

It’s confirmed: you really love tea! You can’t go through a day without having that satisfying cup of tea. 

If you’re the type who prefers to brew your own tea, is it possible to travel with a tea kettle? Especially when you’re aboard a plane?

Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, adventure, or any other reason, it’s given that you must bring your essentials, including a travel tea kettle. You should not expect that every hotel, boarding home, Airbnb, or other accommodation offers a kettle, instant coffee, or tea bags as it does with furnishings or toiletries. You should not expect every passenger aircraft to serve coffee or tea on board. And that’s quite unfortunate sometimes since a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or evening simply does you good. Can you survive a long flight without tea? Probably not. And this is reason enough to bring your own kettle while you travel.


“Can I carry an electric kettle on a plane?”

While it is pretty cumbersome to carry an electric kettle to your flight – not to mention taking it out of your bag or luggage and showing it to the airport security personnel – bringing your own kettle on a plane is perfectly allowed. Of course, as long as it is not plugged into any live power source before taking your flight.

If you’re looking for an electric kettle ideal for travel, it can be an overwhelming task since there is a great variety available in the market.

So, in order to narrow down your choice, you should look for the most significant factors that will guide you to the right product. The name of the manufacturer, for instance, is an excellent consideration. A product should have good, solid, and reliable branding to back it up.

When it comes to tea kettle brands, few people may have heard of Unold. Unold (or Unold AG) is a German-based company known for its range of small kitchen and other home appliances. Unold manufactures and sells standard appliances (toasters, coffee makers, blenders, etc.) and novelty products (electric lunch boxes, popcorn makers, etc.). This highly respected appliance brand in Germany is slowly making a name in other regions, reaching as far as the USA and Asia.

The Unold travel kettle has earned praises from buyers for a lot of good reasons:

  • Size – As it is designed with portability in mind, the Unold travel kettle is perfect for small spaces. The kettle’s compact design makes it convenient for storage — in caravans, small shelves, storage bags, etc. It is not quite heavy and bulky as domestic kettles, meaning you can also carry it on the plane.
  • Durability – The Unold travel kettle has a stainless-steel container that’s guaranteed to be unbreakable no matter the situation. Even if you accidentally knock it over, it will still brew your tea perfectly as a travel kettle does.
  • Reliability – Thanks to its dual, switchable voltage (120/230v), the 1,000-watt Unold travel kettle can be used virtually everywhere you go, even aboard the plane. Its half-a-liter capacity serves you satisfying cups of tea throughout the day.
  • Safety – There are times when some people forget to turn off their electric kettle. In these cases, the kettle may not work properly and the water will eventually boil dry, leading to overheating and even the risk of fire. Not so with the Unold travel kettle. It comes with boil-dry protection and boil-stop feature, which means it automatically shuts off if the water (or tea) becomes too hot. The product’s manual provides a cooling guide for the kettle to make it safe for use again. The kettle also comes with a plastic safety lid with a lock feature for additional security.
  • Design – The Unold travel kettle is available in two colors: stainless steel and black. If the design of a travel kettle is also important to you as its functions, this is where the Unold travel kettle actually dominates. And this is one of the reasons why the Unold travel kettle frequently lands in the high-end travel kettle category.
  • Warranty – Unold grants a 24-month warranty on the product (or a 12-month warranty in case of commercial use) starting from the date of purchase.

Some important considerations before buying the Unold travel kettle

Due to its power rating and protective class, the Unold travel kettle cannot be used with a European plug (dipole) or UK plug. In this case, you should need a plug adapter suitable for overseas travel, and you will be able to use the Unold travel kettle to brew your favorite tea!