Baetea Detox Herbal Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea Comparison

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Baetea 14 day tea supplement for detox is currently the number one best seller in the Herbal tea beverages category.

If you think it’s time to clear your body from toxins and all bad stuff, this herbal tea supplement is a great choice.

It has pleasant taste and scent, it’s good to boost your energy and to increase your metabolism.

Many people feel bloated and have issues with digestion, but with this supplement, things will be better.


Baetea detox supplement will boost your metabolism while it will decrease your appetite at the same time.

You will eat less, you will not feel bloated any more and you will probably lose weight if you eat right and if you eliminate all unhealthy things from your diet.

Baetea Detox Herbal Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea Comparison

First, can Baetea tea supplement help you loose weight?

It’s possible. We all know that weight loss is one of the biggest issues for many people, both men, and women.

But, if you follow some instructions, you can lose weight in just a couple of weeks.

Don’t hurry, and results will come. Summer is near and you want to look great on the beach! Well, this product can help you, but you need to be persistent.

You need to drink this herbal tea supplement for fourteen days to notice results. You will get rid of too much water from your body, but you will not put your health into danger.

The supplement contains Oolong Wu Yi and totally organic green tea and we all realize how these two type of teas are healthy.

Besides this, the supplement contains the ginger root, guarana seed, matcha green tea, lemon juice, sea salt, citric acid, stevia powder, pomegranate and garcinia cambogia extract.

Baetea 14 day herbal tea supplement features

According to the manufacturer, you need to drink one cup of tea supplement in the morning. Don’t drink in the evening because the beverage contains caffeine.

Drink only one cup per day and it is best to drink it with food. Don’t use this product if you are nursing, pregnant or if you are under eighteen years of age.

You can drink it hot, you can drink it cold, but don’t combine it with similar detox tea.

Taste of this tea is great and you will feel better during the consumption of Baetea detox tea supplement.

Benefits and disadvantages of Baetea 14 day detox beverage

Most customers really like the taste of Baetea beverage.

But, we will first start with the disadvantages. Some buyers didn’t like the taste, and some had discomfort in the stomach.

While this discomfort is maybe connected to the type of food that person ate that day. Also, don’t drink tea in the afternoon, it is best to drink it in the morning, but don’t forget to eat breakfast afterward.

Some buyers didn’t succeed to lose weight after two weeks, so maybe you should change your diet habits if you don’t see results.

On the other hand, positive reviews say that tea tastes great, it decreases appetite and many buyers felt good energy after drinking tea.

If you need a drink in the morning for boosting your energy, this tea will help you.

Matcha Green Tea Powder, Organic Features

Matcha green tea powder by Jade Leaf Organics is currently the best seller in Green tea beverages category and this is not without a reason.

This is one hundred percent USDA Matcha green tea powder, totally natural and authentic.

You can prepare smoothies or lattes every day, and because green tea is rich in antioxidants, it can help you feel better and it will boost your energy.

If you don’t like this product, you can return it and you can get your money back.


Main specifications of Matcha green tea powder are:

  • organic,
  • healthy and rich with antioxidants,
  • high quality,
  • affordable price.

Do you know what Matcha is? It’s a powder that originates from Japan and this is no ordinary powder, it’s green tea powder.

It contains caffeine so you can not consume it too much, because of green tea side effects, but it is safe to consume green tea powder every day in reasonable amounts.

If you didn’t use green tea powder before, there are some recipes you can learn on the main product page on Amazon.

What customers have to say about Matcha green tea powder?

If you think this bag is too small, look again because there is enough amount of powder in a package.

You can even see images uploaded by customers to check how bags look like and how much powder is inside.

According to reviews, the taste of Matcha green tea powder is great, you just need some time to learn to prepare smoothies or any other type of drink or food.

There are four sizes of the bag to choose – 30 grams or 1 ounce, 100 grams or 3.5 ounces, 250 grams and 454 grams or 1 pound of powder.

If you haven’t used powder before and you are not sure will you like or not, start with a small bag, and if you like it, you can order a bigger bag next time.

Final thoughts on Baetea Detox Herbal Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea

Herbal and green tea supplements are very popular all over the world.

These two products are currently best sellers in Herbal tea beverages and Green tea beverages and there is a huge number of positive reviews for both products.

One product is a bit more expensive than another one, so if you have a limited budget, but you decided to try healthy tea beverage, you can go with the cheaper one.

Check current price and deals before purchase, before Amazon offers discounts during some holidays.

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