What exactly is children’s afternoon tea?

Ironically, we view traditional afternoon tea as a sophisticated, grown-up activity when it is just an expensive version of a kid’s tea party. If you think about it, afternoon tea often consists of all the things that children like, including sweet scones, crustless sandwiches, and a selection of little cakes and snacks that are ideal for young hands. Even if several of the alternatives offer hot chocolate or milkshakes instead, some youngsters appreciate a cup of coffee! Every afternoon tea is therefore an afternoon tea for children.

Treating your small ones to the ideal kids’ afternoon tea makes sense for a variety of reasons. Any reason to leave the home during half-term when the kids are driving you crazy is welcome. Alternatively, it may be the occasion for a momentous birthday or rite of passage (you know, like moving from primary to secondary school or losing their last baby tooth). Whatever the motivation, it is quite endearing to watch children get genuinely enthusiastic about doing something that has a decidedly grown-up vibe. Why not ask everyone to wear their favorite dress, take the kids out for afternoon tea, and make a day of it?

Afternoon Tea Ideas for Children

Children frequently experience their greatest hunger in the afternoon since they have spent the entire day playing, learning, and moving. We have got you covered with these quick, nutritious afternoon tea ideas for kids that will check all the boxes. You want the food you serve your kids to be appealing and keep them happy and full until dinner time, but it is also the time of day when things can become a bit crazy. Make the afternoons stress-free and enjoyable for you and the kids by picking one or more of these suggestions. Check out these best activities for kids to do at home if you need some suggestions for keeping them occupied while you prepare dinner.

  • Oat and banana muffins – Because they are simple to make, naturally sweetened, hearty, and tasty, these banana muffins make a great afternoon tea option for youngsters. Have them ready in 30 minutes or prepare a large quantity and freeze (makes 12 muffins).
  • Chocolate chia bliss balls – These happiness balls are a decadent, chocolaty treat with a twist—they are also wholesome and nourishing! Chia seeds, a little superfood that provides your kids with long-lasting energy by providing protein, healthy fats, carbs, minerals, and fiber, are naturally sweetened, and the nuts keep them full. Additionally, they need only five simple ingredients to prepare, which makes them quick and simple to adapt to dietary restrictions or tastes.
  • Peanut butter boats – The combination of serving celery and peanut butter in a whimsical boat boosts appeal. Celery is a good source of vitamins and minerals, while peanut butter is a good source of protein and healthy fats. If required, swap peanut butter for cashew or almond butter.
  • Hummus dip and veggies – Hummus dip and vegetables are another quick and nutritious afternoon tea alternative. Kids are more likely to consume vegetables when they are dipped into a tasty dip like hummus, which is rich in protein and minerals from chickpeas. Cucumber, carrot, celery, and other kid-friendly vegetables can be sliced up and served with store-bought or homemade hummus dip. To keep your youngsters satiated, add some sliced whole-meal wrappers for extra carbs.
  • Kale chips – Because it has high quantities of vitamins A, C, and K—more than your daily need is provided in just one cup—kale is regarded as a superfood. Additionally, it is a fantastic source of nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. Because your child will like this crunchy, delectable snack, turning this slightly bitter and stringy vegetable into nutritious chips is a certain method to give them all these incredible benefits.
  • Cucumber mint sandwiches – Although it is straightforward and delicious, this tea sandwich is arguably the most traditional of all of them. Replace the mint in this recipe with dill, radish slices, watercress, or shredded carrot to change it up. You might use a thin coating of mayonnaise, cream cheese, or goat cheese in place of butter.
  • Raisin bread and apple butter sandwiches – Making a sandwich using sweet bread and pre-made apple butter are simple and kid-friendly.
  • Strawberry cream cheese tea sandwiches – Kids love this sandwich, even though it is quite easy to make. Make your strawberry cream cheese by blending three ounces of melted ordinary cream cheese with one-quarter cup of chopped fresh strawberries that have been pureed.
  • Kids’ sandwiches – These colorful, cheery loaded open sandwiches are stuffed full of flavors that kids will enjoy, like ham, cucumber, and cream cheese. Another favorite among the family is our egg and cress club sandwich. For a more upscale variation, you may create lemony crab and cucumber clubs. To locate your favorites, browse our classic afternoon tea sandwiches or our guide to sandwich fillings for kids.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, made with skippy peanut butter and welch’s grape jelly on white bread

  • Easy scones – Without a debate about whether to put the jam or the cream on first for afternoon tea, it would not be complete. There are several excellent scone recipes, whether you want fruity sweet, or savory (or both), for youngsters. 
  • Jams – Create a pot of homemade jam to put on your scones and teacakes to add a particular touch to your afternoon tea. Keep it classic with our delicious and ripe strawberry, apple, or blackcurrant jam. Alternately, give something novel a go, like our jam made with elderflower cordial and fresh gooseberries.
  • Kids’ cakes – Afternoon tea is a terrific opportunity to engage the kids in the kitchen, whether you decide to whip up a traditional Victoria sponge or bake some little butterfly cakes. Alternatively, choose a classic lemon drizzle cake, which will look equally as attractive on the table as this colorful raspberry and pistachio tea cake. Are you in the mood to party? For a little fun, make these bunting biscuits or a batch of simple frosted buns for the kids.
  • Iced tea – While the adults enjoy a cup of tea, serve the youngsters a pot of cool peach iced tea. A great combo is a mint and mango in iced tea. Whatever your occasion requires, you may adorn the cups with umbrellas, little flags, or fruit slices.


  • Biscuits – Decorate your afternoon tea table with lovely, delicate cookies. They can be scattered over the table to add more delicious charm. 



A quick meal for kids is often held in the late afternoon and is called children’s afternoon tea. There are various suggestions that may be served during this quick meal that kids will surely enjoy.