What exactly is children’s afternoon tea?

Scones with jam and whipped cream, here a substitute for clotted cream as commonly eaten in a cream tea

Ironically, we view traditional afternoon tea as a sophisticated, grown-up activity when it is just an expensive version of a kid’s tea party. If you think about it, afternoon tea often consists of all the things that children like, including sweet scones, crustless sandwiches, and a selection of little cakes and snacks … Read more

What is Aged Tea?

Aged Tea

It is not simply any old tea that has been put aside and found again after a long absence. Aged tea has been purposefully created in a way that will allow it to grow and ripen later gently. Additionally, it has been kept in storage settings that permit this type of aging. … Read more

What Exactly Is High Tea?

Croissants with Strawberries Beside Butter and Blueberries

The term “high” has been added to the phrase “high tea” to distinguish it from afternoon tea, which is often consumed while lounging in the garden or on low, cozy parlor chairs, from the worker’s after-work high tea, which is consumed at the table while sat on high back dining chairs. Even … Read more

What should you consider when buying quality tea?

White ceramic teapot beside cup with leaves

Using the four senses of sight, touch, smell, and taste, one may recognize the quality of the finest tea and that of a cheap tea. A quality tea should have a largely clean look, free of undesired stalks and other objects that detract from the flavor of the tea. A quality tea … Read more

How long should you steep your tea?


You may certainly reheat a mug of water with a bag of tea in it before continuing with your day. But if you know how to make tea properly, you may avoid getting weak mugs of hot, brownish water and instead enjoy strong pots of something pleasant and energizing. Therefore, take a … Read more

Sizes of Revere Whistling Tea Kettles

Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia

Are you looking for the best tea kettle made by revere ware? If your answer was yes, you are in luck because you are now in the ideal location. We are here to relieve the stress and time-consuming task of reading endless reviews. Being confused about which revere ware tea kettle to … Read more

Benefits Of Drinking Detox Tea

Tea, Leaves, Yunnan

True teas or herbal teas that promote weight loss are detox teas. They contain phytonutrients. They achieve this by enhancing the body’s capacity to burn fat and speeding up metabolism. By streamlining liver function and cleaning out the digestive tract, they also support a healthy liver. By lowering stress, a tea detox … Read more

History of the Teapot


A teapot is a container used to steep tea leaves or a herbal mix in boiling or nearly boiling water and to serve the resulting tea infusion. One of the essential parts of tea ware is it. Dry tea can be purchased loose or in tea bags; in either case, a tea … Read more

Benefits of Lipton Green Tea

Food Images & Pictures, Tcm, Herbal Medicine

Two-thirds of people worldwide drink tea, one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea drinking has long since become customary. It is well known that tea, which is a liquid made from brewed tea (Camelia Sinensis) leaves, can enhance human health. Chinese were the first to record information about tea, … Read more

The Proper Table Setting for Formal Tea

Tea being poured into a cup on a table set for afternoon tea

Tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day, on any occasion and circumstance. You can throw a tea bag into your cup and let it steep until ready. Then enjoy your afternoon tea while sitting on the couch or bed, at the veranda table, or on the windowsill. But if … Read more

Can You Travel on a Plane with an Unold Travel Kettle?

Air hostess is making coffee for passengers

It’s confirmed: you really love tea! You can’t go through a day without having that satisfying cup of tea.  If you’re the type who prefers to brew your own tea, is it possible to travel with a tea kettle? Especially when you’re aboard a plane? Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, adventure, … Read more

Lipton Tea Uses Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka

Tea in a glass cup, mint leaves

There are so many tea brands, blends, and flavors that you might forget about Lipton. Whether or not you’re a fan of Lipton, you probably know what Lipton tea exactly tastes like. Lipton is a household name when it comes to tea, but you may not know what really makes Lipton the … Read more

Are There Benefits of Using a Cast Iron Tea Kettle?

Pouring ready red tea into tea bowl

While more people are switching to modern conveniences, such as an electric kettle, in making tea, many still prefer the old-school process of boiling water or tea on the stovetop. Some would even love to use retro cast iron kettles to capture the traditional way of boiling tea. Others love the Far … Read more

Advantages of Using a Fast Boil Kettle

Electric Kettle in hand on the background of the kitchen.

Modern home life involves using electric appliances with functions that can facilitate tasks, even the simplest ones like boiling water. Apparently, using a traditional kettle over a stovetop can take several minutes before the water finally boils. But an electric kettle, or fast boil kettle, boils water in a short period. True … Read more

Can a Cup of Lipton Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

lipton in a clear mug

If you’re on the quest to weight loss, there are many sacrifices that you should make. They include giving up on junk food, fast food, sweets, and sugary drinks. But fortunately, tea is not one of the things you should give up on. Fitness and wellness buffs praise tea for its health … Read more

Where Tea Is Consumed Most Often?

Colorful tea selection - different types of loose tea in small cups

The leaves of the tea shrub or tea tree are quite versatile. Although most commonly used as a beverage, tea is also used for cooking, medicine, and cosmetics, among other uses. Indeed, tea is one of the most valuable crops in the world, but most especially in Asia. In mainland China alone, … Read more