List of Countries That Drink the Most Tea

Countries that consume tea the most.

We all know that tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world, but have you ever wondered what are countries that drink the most tea? There are various types of teas on the market, and drinking tea can really be beneficial for your health, and it’s good to drink tea, so if you can’t do it every day, drink tea occasionally. Let us answer the question what country drinks the most tea. You will be maybe surprised with some facts.

Although United Kingdom is maybe one of the well-known countries related to tea consumption, this country is not on the first place. Let’s start with year 2014. First place, according to facts from 2014, was reserved for Turkey, where people drink almost seven thousand pounds of tea per capita every year. Next country is Ireland, with just above four thousand and eight hundred pounds per capita, following by United Kingdom with around 4200 pounds per person.

Other countries on the list

Other countries in the top twenty list are Russia, Morocco, New Zealand, Egypt, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Netherlands, Australia, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hong Kong, Ukraine, China and Canada. Yes, we were also very surprised – China nearly didn’t get into first twenty countries that drink the most tea. People in the United States, according to the statistics from 2014, drink 0.5 pounds per person every year. On the bottom of this list, there are Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. You are not surprise with Brazil, right? cough *Brazilian coffee*

But, these facts change throughout several years. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of U.N for year 2011, Paraguay was country where people consume tea the most. For the year 2015, list has slightly changed. Turkey was still number one country, but Morocco was on the second place. Mauritania beats U.K and it was on the place number four. In the top ten, there were also Kuwait, Qatar, Seychelles, UAE and Kazakhstan.

What about United States?

Tea culture in United States have really long history. United States are well-known for famous tea events that are held for many many years. We can conclude from this list that people in U.S. are not so much into tea drinking. But, this doesn’t mean Americans doesn’t love tea at all. Tea can be detected in almost eighty percent of households in United States. It is one of the best drinks in the summer because people in United States love to drink iced tea. More than one hundred and fifty million Americans consume tea every single day. This is not bad, right? In year 2016, people in U.S. drank more than eighty billion cups of tea. Most popular teas are black, green, dark, Oolong and white tea.

Tea is important part of every day drinking habit in United States. Demand for tea increase from year to year because many people learned that drinking tea has various health benefits. It is good to replace sodas and similar drinks with hot tea, or even iced tea, but without sugar and additives. Tea is mostly consumed among people between eighteen and thirty four years of age. There are various flavors of tea on the market, and everyone can find something that suits his or hers needs. Comparing to coffee, we can say that tea is not as popular as coffee in U.S. Most restaurants and bars offer coffee, but not all of them offer already made tea. But, tea is really important in households, because many family members take a break and drink tea together and spend some quality time with each other.

Importance of tea in U.S.

U.S. tea market grows every day, and it grew from two billion to ten billion from 1990 to 2013. Americans drink more than fifteen percent of tea now than seventeen years ago, according to many researches. Tea imports also grows – in the past ten years, it grew more than forty percent. After 2010, U.S. imported more than three hundred million pounds of tea. Although not all Americans drink tea every day, tea is important part of consumption habits in U.S. Americans prefer iced tea than hot tea, and this is not a good thing, because many iced teas contain sugar and additives. Also, many people like to drink tea made of tea bags, but it’s better to drink tea from leaves and root. But, things look good for people in United States and we believe that in next few years consumption of healthier teas will be higher.

Final thoughts about tea consumption

As you can see, tea and tea consumption became one of the most important things in every part of the world. From East to the West, from North to the South, drinking tea is a way of life, an important part of social events and thing that brings family closer. Drinking tea is not good only for your social life, but for your health too. So, if you didn’t drink tea before, it is always good time to do it. You can start right away! Are you surprised with these facts? Or did you already know most of it? Nevertheless, join millions and millions of tea lovers and start drinking tea if you want to do something good for your health. Make drinking tea your every day habit and give your immune system a boost. Drinking tea has several health benefits, and according to many studies drinking tea is definitely beneficial for you and your body.

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