Lipton Pure Green Tea

I woke up this morning and I noticed that my jar of green tea is empty.

I panicked!

What should I do now? I asked myself where is the nearest store where I can buy green tea and my mind wasn’t thinking clearly. Without green tea, my brain can’t focus.

But, after a couple of minutes, I realized I have some packages of Lipton green tea I still haven’t used.

That was a relief! I decided to try it the first time in my life and I was very satisfied with the taste and aroma of this tea.


Because it is made by Lipton, and we all know that Lipton produces high-quality tea without any questions.

Green tea can be your best choice if you choose a quality brand.

Features of Lipton Pure Green Tea

Lipton Pure Green Tea is a tea with a mild taste and fresh aroma. It’s not bitter and it is very tasty according to many people who tried it.

If you don’t like green with a strong taste, this one is a great choice for you.

Tea is made of young leaves and it offers you to start the day with energy and good mood.

You need to steep the tea bag for two minutes, you can drink it in the afternoon or in the morning, cold or hot.


Perhaps you like tea with a bit of bitter taste?

Then you should steep it for a bit longer, but not longer than three minutes. Just follow instructions and you will have your tea ready in just a couple of minutes.

Lipton is a company that every avid tea drinker knows about. Lipton teas are one of the best selling and top rated all over the world.

Pure green tea has a really affordable price, it tastes nice and it has a light color.

In case you are careful about calories you take, you should know that Lipton pure green tea has no calories, it also doesn’t contain fat, sugars, proteins, cholesterol or sodium.

It has fifteen grams of Potassium and this is it.

How to store it?

If you are interested in buying this type of tea, you should know that it keeps fresh aroma for longer period of time, you just need to keep it in a dry and dark area in your home.

When you follow instructions, you will get the best out of it.

Tea is one hundred percent natural, and it does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring.

You definitely know by know that drinking green tea has numerous positive effects on your body, so you should start drinking it right now.

What do people say about this tea?

Currently, there are more than two thousand reviews on Amazon for Lipton green tea, pure, and it is available in seven different sizes.

More than sixty-five percents of reviews are five-star ratings, and this means a lot for every future potential buyer. For everyone who likes to drink tea, especially popular brands, this tea is a perfect choice.

You can make tea very quickly and there are many people who can’t imagine their day without at least one cup of tea.

You can drink it before you are going to work, after work or even if you are not working at all. It will relax you and boost your energy at the same time.

UPDATE: After several months of publishing this article, I found another good Lipton green tea, it is one hundred percent natural and it has more than one thousand reviews.

Tea is without additives, coloring, and preservatives. Tea is available in different sizes and styles, tea is tasty and pure, and without calories.

Main features of Lipton green tea are:

  • paper tea bags,
  • strong flavor,
  • relaxing,
  • smooth.

Final thoughts about Lipton Pure green tea

Lipton Pure green tea is definitely tea for every avid tea drinker and if you haven’t tried it by now, it is not too late.

With fresh taste and mild but delightful aroma, this tea will be your new best friend.

Green tea can boost your energy in every part of the day, but don’t drink green tea before going to sleep because you will have issues with sleeping.

Tea is available for a very affordable price and I recommend this tea to anyone who wants to try nice and tasty green tea.