Japanese Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony is Japan is really important part of culture.

Drinking tea is not something you can take for granted. In many countries, drinking tea is not just a habit, it is important social event where many people wants to be part of that event. In Japan, tea ceremony is an activity that involves tea preparation and it is based on Zen Buddhism. If you want to learn more about Japan or any other country, you should learn and explore culture of that country, people’s habits, way of life and many more. Knowledge is what makes us better, and if you expand your knowledge, you will feel better, and you will understand people better.

History of drinking tea in Japan

There are evidence about tea in Japan that originates way back to the ninth century, when Buddhist monk bring tea from China. But, there were not that many interests in drinking tea and tea consumption was not that popular. Three centuries later, tencha, way of preparing tea was introduced, and this was the time when powdered tea was a bit more popular. Throughout the history, various numbers of schools related to Japanese tea ceremony were formed.

Main steps of tea ceremony

Not all schools prepare tea the same way, but there are some universal guides about what equipment it should be used in tea preparation process. Main equipment used in Japanese tea ceremony are bowl for tea, tea caddy, scoop, whisk and Chakin – type of white cloth. Procedure is not the same, there are different times of year when tea is prepared. Most of the time, this ceremony is called Ocha. It is a ritual devoted to powdered tea, where guests watch while host prepare tea in most unique and amazing way. Goal of ceremony is to be relaxed and to communicate with other people. Japanese tea ceremony is symbol of calmness and peace.

Preparation sometimes starts several days or even week before event. Host of tea ceremony first must send invitations and to focus on event, and this means host must be in harmony within his or hers mind. Also, host must clean room or area where ceremony will be held. Guests must be relaxed in order to be part of tea ceremony. When guests enter the room, it means preparation of tea is close. Host doesn’t hurry with tea preparation, he or she must be relaxed and do everything in peace.

During Japanese tea ceremony, matcha tea powder is used for tea preparation

Japanese tea ceremony is an activity that gives you a chance to learn more about culture in Japan. You can visit tea ceremony at several places in Japan and it will give you truly unique and amazing experience. If you want to join ceremony, there is chance for that too, but reservations are probably needed. If you visited Japan and you like Japanese culture and tradition, you will definitely love Japanese tea ceremony. During tea ceremony, matcha tea powder is used for tea preparation. Matcha tea powder is rich in so many nutritients good for your health. Rich in vitamins, it can help you boost your immune system and energy.

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