Items Needed to Have a Tea Party

Are you planning for a tea party for a birthday, bridal shower, family gathering, holiday reunion, meeting with business partners, or get-together with friends? You first need to list some things down and complete before proceeding with your grand or simple tea party.

Think of what theme

This is one of the most fundamental things you must consider before you decide on buying and preparing the essentials for the tea party or gathering. If you have a theme on your mind, it would be easier for you to pick what particular setting, food, tea set, and tea types you will serve for your guests.

Also, do not forget to consider what specific occasion or event you are celebrating with the tea party. So, the theme and the celebration is simply in harmony.

The Decorations

Tea time or tea parties are not complete without putting some decorations. Actually, almost half the reason for setting up an elaborate, traditional tea party is for the beautiful decorations. What makes decorations very important is because they set the mood for everything that will happen throughout the party.

With the theme you have in mind, whether it be color coordinated and matching or eclectic and quirky, make a checklist of all the things you need and accomplish them a few days before the party.

Common decorations include flowers, a three-tiered cake stand (for a traditional tea party), linens for the table setting. You can visit sites for ideas for the centerpiece.

a lady in white dress, sitting and holding a book, with books and a basket of flowers on her side

The Tea Set

One of the best ornaments for the tea party table setting is the tea set itself. Ensure you have reasonably sized teapots, enough teacups for all guests, and serving ware for creamers and sweeteners that you choose to provide.

If you have purchased or had stored a matching tea set, it’s a good excuse to have a traditional tea party so you can pull them out and show them off. However, you can just look for thrift tea stores and pick some tea wares according to your planned theme.

Are you worrying about where to store your cups after the party? How about giving them out as pretty and practical souvenirs to your guests!

The Foods

Tea parties commonly feature three food courses: savories, scones, and cakes.

The savory bites usually consist of tea sandwiches that are small enough to be eaten in a few bites, but big enough to be satisfying. These will be on the bottom tier you’re layering your courses on a three-tiered cake stand. Check out some recipes for fruity tea sandwiches if you need some inspiration.

Traditional tea party features scones served with jam and clotted cream. However, you can be creative with your scone’s recipe and consider any dietary restrictions your guests have when creating your menu. If you need a scone recipe free of common allergens, try gluten- and dairy-free scones.

Who can’t resist coming closer to your cake stand loaded with mouth-watering sweets? Provide bite-sized fruity pastries. If you’re unsure where to start, you can look for some best ideas and recipes on various sites.

The Teas

All your preparation will be starred and completed by a quality, tasteful teas. After all, your guests gathered together to share with you a special day over cups of tea. Pick your favorite teas and teas that will suit your guests’ tastes.

There are many kinds of tea that you can serve but make sure you don’t just pick random flavors. Match your choices with the food that you will also offer.

A spicy tea could perfectly complement your scones course, and desserts are always better with dessert teas like banana dulce flavor, vanilla cuppa cupcake, and cinnamon apple tea.

And finally, what goes better with desserts than dessert tea? If you’re serving up chocolatey treats, or even fresh and fruity pastries, our Chocolate Hazelnut herbal tea will make a great companion to your final course.

The Invitations

Assuming you have completed your guest list, the next thing you need to do is to send over invitations to them about a week or two before the party.

As much as possible, make it more personal when inviting your guests, so they also value the thought that they are a significant part of your celebration and party. If possible, avoid sending an invitation via Facebook or Instagram.

Create an artsy invitation that reflects your theme and send it through email or hand it personally. You can include on the invitation the attire that you want your guests to wear. You may also need to ask your guests to notify you ahead if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions when they send their RSVP.