British Tea Brands You Can Enjoy

From our kitchen appliances to bags, clothes, shoes, and even groceries, we are sometimes particular with the brands we use.

When buying teabags, note that there is 50% more tea in the British-style 3.1-gram teabags than the U.S.-style string and tag tea bags. It is because British sachets are larger, allowing the tea more room to brew.

More and more tea drinkers worldwide are becoming serious about looking for the best tea brands they can enjoy every day. Some prefer PG Tips, and others choose Twinnings of England or the Taylors of Harrogate. If you haven’t tried and tasted some of these brands, maybe it’s time to give a brew and know that you cannot miss them on your next tea time.

Here are some of the best and tasteful British teas you can enjoy.

We are tea – peppermint leaf tea.

Besides the refreshing feeling it gives, peppermint tea is good for digestion. However, if stored in a poor-quality tea bags, it could lack flavor.

We are tea’s peppermint leaf tea is one of the best peppermint teas as it is slow-dried after picking to retain its fresh flavor. The three Great Taste Awards are just a testament to the quality it offers. It’s clean, and just theright crisp on the palate and its tea bags are plastic-free because they aremade from corn starch and sealed with ultrasound; they are 100% biodegradable.

It can be ordered online or from Ocado, Waitrose, and others.

Roqberry teas

They offer LIFT ME, SOOTHE ME, and TEMPT ME categories of their teas you can choose from. They offer some extraordinary flavor tea combinations. Their infusions are made from quality single source varieties like black, oolong, green, and rooibos. The also utilizes biodegradable tea bags for packaging.

As its statement says, “From unconventional blends to bold infusions… let our award-winning flavors take you way beyond your average brew.” You can simply visit their website and place your orders anytime.

unlabeled tea bags

Whittard – Jasmine green tea

Harvested in the south of China, Whittard’s jasmine green tea is richly fragrant. It’s best when enjoyed as an after-dinner palate cleanser. Whittard is a much-loved tea and coffee brand, as it always offers quality tea products. You will never go wrong with any of its offerings from loose-leaf teas or tea bags.

Kanuka Lemon Grass and Ginger

This tea is perfect for winter cold nights and days as it has a refreshing and light taste with undertones of spice. You can enjoy this both hot or cold with the addition of black pepper within the loose-leaf mix adds a slightly spicy aftertaste. Kanuka specializes in loose leaf tea and blends and sourced ethically to bring quality teas worldwide.

Brew Tea Company – Earl Grey tea

A light and a fruity affair is the Brew Tea Company’s take on a classic tea. They make a perfect mixture of Ceylon leaves, bergamot oil, orange peel, and calendula petals for a delicate, delicious brew. The oil of bergamot gives a fragrant and unique taste of the tea. A cup of black with lemon or with milk is much enjoyable. The tea’s bags and boxes are completely plastic-free.

Good & Proper Tea – Brockley breakfast tea

Brockley breakfast is a good breakfast tea. One main reason you’ll love it is because of the full-bodied, robust flavor that it has. It’s a mixture of Assam, Kenyan, and Ceylon black teas with Darjeeling’s aromatic notes. It was named after Good & Proper Tea’s south London home. You can enjoy this tea with milk, a dash, or a little more. This is an award-winning tea that comes in compostable tea bags and is available as loose leaves too.

London Tea Company 

Whatever time it is of the year, this will evoke the feeling of Christmas in your home as it will fill the air with its aroma reminding of the holiday.

The London Tea Company’s vanilla chai has incredible scents of cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla. At the same time, the black tea gives the perfect background for the flavorings to shine.

Storm Tea organic Assam tea

Organic Assam tea from Storm Tea is one of the richest and full-bodied tea. Assam tea is made basically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica native to the Bherjan Estate in Assam in northeast India. The tea is notable for its malty flavor, resulting from Assam’s extreme humidity and high temperatures during the monsoon season.