Advantages of Using a Fast Boil Kettle

Modern home life involves using electric appliances with functions that can facilitate tasks, even the simplest ones like boiling water. Apparently, using a traditional kettle over a stovetop can take several minutes before the water finally boils. But an electric kettle, or fast boil kettle, boils water in a short period.

True to its name, a fast boil kettle makes the work faster and more efficiently. This kitchen appliance features an element that allows it to heat and boil water more quickly than an ordinary kettle on a stovetop does. All you have to do is to plug the fast boil kettle into an outlet, place it on the counter, and allow it to heat your water. In only a few minutes, you now have your water boiled – just in time for tea, coffee, and other hot beverages.

Choosing this appliance with advanced features and functions is highly recommended. There are multi-purpose fast boil kettles that do other things, such as boiling eggs, cooking porridge, and so on. We even put up a list of the top electric tea kettles to help you decide on the best fast boil kettle for use at home or in the office. Of course, the more advanced the features, the higher the price you have to pay for a fast boil kettle.

When you’re contented with using a traditional kettle, the following list of advantages of using a fast boil kettle may encourage you to buy one:

Woman preparing coffee or tea. Pouring water into a cup.

It boils water faster

Speed has always remained one of the advantages of a fast boil kettle. As soon as you turn on the switch, you’ll get instant water in a fraction of the time that you would have from using a traditional kettle on the stovetop. In fact, a fast boil kettle heats water faster than a microwave oven does. The entire kettle heats up so you’ll get a sizable heated surface.

It saves electricity

Yes, a fast boil kettle uses electricity to heat and boil water. Despite that, its energy consumption is still incredibly low. As it heats water in less time, it doesn’t use as much electricity as expected. It is also more efficient than most microwave ovens and stovetops by 80%.

It protects your home and your family

Another main advantage of a fast boil kettle is safety. Most fast boil kettles have an automatic shut-off option, which turns itself off as soon as the water starts boiling. The fact that the fast boil kettle stops working as soon as it has reached its boiling point means that it cannot continue to boil until dry and get damaged in case you forget to turn the power off. A fast boil kettle will protect your home and your family from the dangers of spillage, nasty burns, and fires.

It is convenient

A fast boil kettle is convenient to handle and use. Fast boil kettles are typically small and not too bulky that makes them portable, too. You can carry your fast boil kettle anywhere you go – to the office and while traveling. You don’t have to ask for hot water from the dormitory or hotel. Since fast boil kettles are typically small, they won’t take much space on your countertop or cupboard.

It saves time

With a fast boil kettle, you’ll spend less time for boiling water – and more time for enjoying your tea! Cleaning a fast boil kettle is pretty easy, too, and it won’t require lots of time and skills to get rid of all those tea stains.

It is affordable

With many brands and models of fast boil kettles today, fast boil kettles are much more affordable than they were then. Of course, there are more expensive options with more features and functions. It is up to the buyers to decide which model they should choose to buy, depending on their preferences and budget. In most cases, many people are surprised after learning that a small fast boil kettle does more than just adequately meet their needs. When they think that it only boils water or tea, they will be shocked to find out that it does other things, such as cooking eggs or oatmeal.

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Does it all sound good? Please don’t hesitate to share your fast boil kettle experience and recommend your best brands with us. Contact us here.