Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea Review

This supplement is something that you really need to try!

Total Tea Gentle Detox tea is herbal supplement with more than one thousand reviews and ratings from customers!

This tea will make you look better, you will not feel bloated, it also can help with constipation and weight loss.

Gentle detox tea is good if you want to boost your energy and immune system, and it will cleanse your body, tea doesn’t contain any artificial color or flavor. Moreover, the tea is gluten-free.

Total Tea Detox Tea Features and Specifications

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Package contains twenty-five bags of tea. There are special offers often for this product so make sure you check the main product page on Amazon from time to time.

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Ingredients of detox tea are:

  • Peppermint: good for your stomach and for better digestion.
  • Cinnamon: which has antioxidant properties.
  • Papaya: fruit that improves protein digestion.
  • Hibiscus: with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rose hips: against constipation and infections.
  • Ginger gold: against gas pain and cramps.
  • Gynostemma eliminates toxins from your organism.
  • Echinacea: boosts the immune system and prevents viral infections.
  • Chamomile: is great against gastritis and bloating, and Senna has a colon cleanse effect.

Main specifications of this tea are:

  • great taste,
  • it relaxes you,
  • provides relief,
  • the packaging is great,
  • natural and safe to drink.

Important information about the use of Gentle Detox Tea

You must not use tea if you are pregnant if you are under eighteen years of age or nursing. Directions for use are simple, and you should not drink more than one cup per day.

Put one tea bag in a cup filled with really warm water, steep for eight to ten minutes, and use it for seven days every day before you can expect some results.

Do not drink tea for more than ten days because of senna. Tea is not made to cure any health issue or disease.

Consult with physician or health care provider before you start to drink tea, or before any other supplement for losing weight.

Also, senna must not be consumed for more than ten days. Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient from this tea.

If you have any health problem, use it without caution and ask your doctor about the safety of drinking this tea. For more info, read safety information on the main product page on Amazon.

There are more details about this subject.

total detox herbal tea


What customers have to say about this tea?

According to reviews, this tea does the job! It works very well, and it will not upset your stomach if you use only one cup per day.

Tea has an excellent combination of ingredients, many buyers didn’t exercise and they didn’t even change the way of eating, they only drink tea and they noticed results after one week.

Tea tastes very good, you will also have more energy, you will not feel bloated and tired anymore. It is also good against constipation because it improves digestion and it eliminates gas pains.

Of course, not everybody reacts the same to this tea, if you notice any kind of discomfort, stop drinking it and consult someone if tea is the reason for discomfort or something else.

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How to use it?

In today’s world, the digestion of food can be a problem for many people. Irregular eating, fast food, too many artificial flavors in food is not doing any good for any of us.

We try to eat healthy but sometimes this is not possible. Because of this, almost every person needs cleanser from time to time.

And then Total Tea comes to the rescue. According to buyers, tea does a great job, but we noticed that many people drink tea for more than ten days in a row, some people even drink two cups per day.

DON’T do that!

Drink only one cup of tea per day in order to avoid any side effects.

Tea works the best if you don’t add sugar or milk. There is no caffeine in this tea, and this is great news for all of you who want to cut back on caffeine.

Tea is also kosher testified. Tea should be consumed in the evening, because you will probably need to use the bathroom after an hour or two, maybe three.

If you go to bed early, you can drink tea in the middle of the afternoon, especially if you are not planning to go outside.

Just follow directions for use, and chances to experience side effects of tea are minimal.

Final thoughts about Gentle Detox Tea

If you decided to start with diet, and you want to detox body, tea will be your best sidekick.

Of course, don’t change diet habits without asking for advice from your health care provider or dietitian, because there could be some side effects if you change your diet regime at once.

If you think your appetite is not under control, and your body is full with toxins, there is a time to do something about it, and this tasty tea can surely help you.

Tea is safe to drink, it’s natural and it is non GMO, you can lose weight without getting addicted to tea.

Tea is made in the United States and it does not contain colors, preservatives, fillers or artificial flavors.

All in all, tea is great, but as any other detox supplement, you should not use it for longer period of time, just ten days, and then take a break.

total detox herbal tea