Top 7 Tata Tea Flavors

Tata Tea is a popular tea brand in India, one of the countries in the world with a collective love for tea. For Indians, “chai” is more than a cup of tea to star their day. It’s part of the people’s culture and lifestyle.

Tata Tea is the world’s second-largest manufacturer and distributor of tea, and a major producer of coffee. It is estimated that one in every three households in India consumes tea from the brand’s extensive range of flavors and variants. This brand offers four national and three regional brands to bring different varieties with diverse preferences of consumers in mind. Tata tea comes with a wide range of flavors and tastes.

In 1983, Tata Tea began its journey when the packaged tea market was dominated by a large player. Competing with an established brand can be difficult, but the company saw it as an opportunity. In India, Tata Tea has been an exclusive product and is the brand relied on in terms of taste, flavor, and price.

Brands Under Tata Tea

Here are the brands under Tata Tea that offers different flavors and varieties of tea:

1. Tata Tea Premium

The flagship brand of Tata Tea, Tata Tea Premium was launched in 1985 as a packet tea, pioneering this type of product in India and bringing fresh teas to consumers in poly packs. As its portfolio began to grow, it was rebranded as Tata Tea premium in 2004.

Ginger and elaichi (cardamom) are the most commonly used ingredients in tea used by Indians, so Tata Tea Elaichi Chai was introduced to address the need for convenience of Indian consumers. Elaichi, or cardamom, is known for its Ayurvedan medicinal prodperties, and it has always been used in Indian cooking.

Masala chai is the most recent addition to the Tata Tea portfolio. It’s a unique blend of five different spices.

Tata Tea Premium 500 Gram

2. Tata Tea Gold

Launched in 2003, Tata Tea Gold is a premium offering from Tata Tea’s portfolio, making its way into the market as a superior variant on the aroma platform. It is made of CTC (crushed, tear, curl) Assam granules with long leaves, and when it was launched, there was no packaged tea offering this variant. Tata Tea tapped into this need and developed Tata Tea Gold.

The uniqueness of this tea variant lies in the superior balance it maintains between aroma and strength, which it achieves by mixing CTC granules with gently rolled, 15% longer leaves. In 2018, the pack was redesigned to celebrate its tagline of having “rich taste, irresistible aroma.”

Tata Tea Gold 500 Grams

3. Tata Tea Chakra Gold

In 1985, Tata Tea released Chakra Premium Dust Tea, which was later renamed as Chakra Gold in 1989. This brand has built a strong equity in the markets in south India, such as of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

This tea variant is made of premium Assam tea, which is known for its strong and lingering taste. In 2008, Tata Tea added two variants to the brand: Chakra Gold Activ+ and Chakra Gold Elaichi to address the needs and preferences of consumers in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Chakra Gold Activ+ is a blend of high-quality Assam teas with natural extracts of kokum and amla (Indian gooseberry) to make the drinker feel energized for longer. Meanwhile, Chakra Gold Elaichi is an Assam tea with real elaichi that’s perfect for those looking for a refreshing tea experience.

Tata Tea Chakra Gold 500 Grams

4. Tata Tea Kannan Devan

Kannan Devan is named after the beautiful Kanan Devan Hills, one of the highest hills in Kerala – a state on the southwestern coast of India. This loose tea has a distinctively refreshing taste and flavor. Kannan Devan was a popular loose tea for more than seven decades, and Tata Tea launched it in a packaged form in 1984 in Kerala. It was then extended to the states of Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Later on, Tata Tea added Kanan Devan Duet, which has a unique combination of the goodness of green tea and the taste of black tea.

Tata Kannan Devan Classic Tea Powder 500 Grams

5. Tata Tea Gold Loose Black Tea 

This loose black tea is specially manufactured for export purposes. Following the gold standards of Tata Tea India, expect high-quality tea with the right balance of aroma and taste in this product. It is a blend of 85% CTC granule coupled with 15% of fine, long tea leaves. Drink this tea if you’re longing for a rich tea with an irresistible aroma.

6. Tata Tea Agni

Tata Tea Agni is the second largest brand in Tata Tea’s portfolio. It’s present in more than 22 states in India, as well as some parts of the world. This tea brand was first launched as a product targeted to the price-sensitive consumer, especially those who want to shift from loose to branded tea. This loose leaf tea offers flawless taste, strength and color that’s sure to liven up your day.

Tata Tea Agni

7. Tata Tea Teaveda

A blend of the words “tea” and “Ayurveda,” Teaveda gives the consumer the goodness of all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients with a great taste of the tea they love and know. The Teaveda tea blend mixes up Assam tea with the benefits of ginger, gulsi, brahmi, and cardamom. It’s specially formulated for the health-conscious consumer who still want to enjoy the taste of regular tea minus the weird taste of health teas. It offers natural and herbal ingredients but doesn’t compromise on taste.

Consumers love its awesome taste and fragrant aroma. With Teaveda, achieving the goodness of Ayruveda is possible with your everyday cup of tea.

Tata Tea Teaveda