Tetley Green Tea Review

Review of Tetley Pure Green Tea and Features.I can’t imagine starting my day without cup of green tea. That wasn’t case last year when I was drinking two or three cups of coffee per day. But, something wasn’t right, I felt too anxious and although I needed caffeine, I noticed I take too much of it and I needed a change. After this, I talked to some friends and they recommended me to try with green tea. I didn’t know that green tea has caffeine and that was good news, because caffeine is energy booster, but I also heard that too much caffeine can increase heart rate and can cause headache and dizziness. After some research, I found that Tetley green tea is good choice for starters.

More about Tetley Green Tea

Green tea was “found” in China, and this means a lot to me, because Chinese medicine is several centuries old and Chinese knows a lot when it comes to healthy beverages. Also, I read several studies that showed that green tea is good for my health, and because of this I started to drink it regularly. When it comes to Tetley green tea, here are some main specifications of this tea:

– one hundred percent natural and pure,

– made of high quality leaves,

– smooth taste and nice package,

– tea without caffeine is also available.

Tetley purchases tea from more than thirty countries all over the world, and this tea is one of the finest tea they produce. Many buyers from Amazon agree with me – Tetley tea has great taste, aroma is smooth and gentle, tea is not too strong, it is perfect to start day with. If you want, you can order tea without caffeine, it is still tasty and delicious. Good news is, there is bigger package available, with seventy two tea bags so you don’t have order tea every week, this package will last longer. Tetley offers tea with real and natural taste and this is the reason why people love to drink Tetley pure green tea.

How to prepare tea?

Tetley pure green tea is made of carefully selected leaves, one hundred percent natural and perfect mixture of African and Asian green tea. In just few minutes, you will have your tea ready and served, just boil water, leave water to cool off for several moments, pour water over tea bag, and wait for minute or two. That’s it!

If you want to cut back on sodas and drinks and beverages with sugar and additives, Tetley green tea is great choice. It will also decrease your appetite, you will not be hungry all day every day and your metabolism will boost too. You can even drink cold tea, but some studies state that drinking hot tea is better for your health.

There are so many tastes that Tetley offers, and some of them are pure, with lemon, with honey, with mint, and much much more. With affordable price and nice package, this tea will be your favorite tea without any questions. If you don’t like strong taste of green tea, steep tea bag for just one or two minutes. If you steep it longer, taste will be stronger.

Can Tetley green tea help you to lose weight?

Although many people drink green tea to lose weight, I can say that you cannot expect miracles because it all depends from person to person. Also, you must change your diet to lose weight, you must avoid fast food and sodas which contains lots of sugar, and to eat healthier in general. Instead of burger, eat fish with vegetables. Green tea can boost your immune system and metabolism, and if you change your diet plan and start to exercise, you can definitely lose some weight? How many pounds? That all depends of you!

Final thoughts about Tetley Green Tea Features

Tetley green tea is definitely good choice for every tea drinker. Good reviews on Amazon agree with me, people just love its taste! There is also tea with honey available, but true tea drinker always drink tea pure and without any additional ingredients. Also, there are some studies that shows that green tea is more effective if you drink it without honey, milk or sugar.

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