Ideas for Throwing a Formal Tea Party

A tea party table setting

A British-style tea party sounds like a posh affair, but you can pull it off if you want to go formal with your party. There’s so much more to a great tea party than just tea. Part of the magic is in the elegance, and the rest is in the details – … Read more

Ideas for a Child’s Tea Party

A tea party spread with teddy bears

Young children love spending countless hours hosting a tea party for their stuffed animals, dolls, and imaginary friends. It’s a joyful time where they can act like adults. It’s also a fun activity where the child can learn how to exercise hospitality with manners. If your child loves playing tea party on … Read more

Ideas for Throwing a Tea Party at Home for the Family

A woman pouring tea from the pot in a tea party

When you’re thinking of tea parties, do you imagine British fanciness, Victorian décor, or scenes from Alice in Wonderland? It’s the traditional scene for an afternoon tea party, and it’s an elegant affair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at home. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or any occasion or … Read more