Learn the History of Chinese Green Tea

The-tea-fields-in-the-foothills-of Gorreana

Introduction The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are used to make Chinese green tea, which is a kind of tea that preserves the green color and flavor of the original plant. It is popular both in China and across the world because of its delicate flavor, strong antioxidant content, and health … Read more

What is the history of tea in Japan?


Introduction As early as the eighth century, when the first documented references to tea were recorded in Japanese records, the history of tea in Japan was established. When Japanese priests and envoys were dispatched to China to learn about its culture, they brought tea back to Japan, where it eventually became a … Read more

What is the History of Tea in the United Kingdom?

Tea-accompanied with-digestive biscuits-Jammie-Dodgers- jam-and-cakes

Introduction With an average annual per capita supply of 1.9 kilos (4.2 lbs.), the United Kingdom has been one of the world’s major consumers of tea since the 18th century. In Europe, tea was once a beverage for the upper classes, but it ultimately became popular among all classes. It is still … Read more

The History of the East India Tea Company

the rear view of the East India Company’s factory

When you ask people today about the most powerful companies that they know, most would probably answer Google, Apple, Walmart, Amazon, and more, which are the most popular companies in the present time. But have you ever heard about the East India Company? It’s a mighty profit-making company that once ruled almost … Read more

The Tea Trade Along the Silk Road

statues that represents the caravans on the Silk Road

The history of growing, making, and drinking tea can be traced back to thousands of years. Based on a popular story in China, Emperor Shen Nong was the first person to drink tea. He was boiling some water one day when the wind blew some tea leaves into the pot. When he … Read more