Sweese 2301 Teapot Pumpkin Fluted Shape

Sweese teapot comes in the shape of pumpkin and flute, it is white and it has a capacity of twenty-seven ounces.

The teapot is made of porcelain and you can wash it in a dishwasher, you can put it inside a microwave or in your freezer, it is durable and sturdy.

This product is FDA approved, it’s made of high-quality materials and there is no lead in it. It is also resistant to cracks.

Sweese teapot will make your kitchen look like brand new.

Sweese teapot features

Size of this teapot is perfect, it is not too small or too large.

You can make three cups of tea max, and if you are not satisfied with it and you notice cracks on it after delivery, the seller will give your money back or you will get new product in a no time.

Main specifications of Sweese teapot are:

  • for everyday use,
  • made of ceramic,
  • white color,
  • thick and durable.

If you like to enjoy drinking tea and you cannot imagine starting your day without it, this teapot will be your new best friend.

It comes in a box, so it can be also a great gift for your boss, parents, family members or friends.

Dimensions of Sweese teapot are 10.1 inches by 6.8 inches by 6.5 inches and it weighs only one point six pounds. It currently has all five-star ratings and we hope it will stay this way.

What customers have to say about Sweese pumpkin teapot?

There are only ten reviews from customers on Amazon so far, but those reviews are top notch! This is top rated new teapot and it’s not without a reason.

The teapot is perfect for use every single day, and Sweese is a company that tries to create the best possible products for its customers.

This model is new but that doesn’t mean it is not worth purchasing.

We believe a number of positive reviews will only rise during the time, and it will be cool to have one of the hottest releases today, wouldn’t it?

Buyers like the design of this model the most. It fits every kitchen because it is made in white stylish and elegant color with a nice shape and unique functions.

The lid is firm and it will not slip, so you don’t have to worry about accidents and similar issues.

There are several images uploaded by buyers and you better check them out before you make a final decision about the purchase.

Final thoughts about Sweese pumpkin fluted shape teapot

Sweese teapot is not on the market for too long, it is available since April 2017, but it is currently top rated on Amazon.

Check the main product page to check if it is still top rated or not. You can rest assured that teapot is made of high-quality material, it is sturdy and spout doesn’t drip.

You don’t have to worry about spills and mess while you make your tea anymore.

With an affordable price, Sweese teapot is one of the coolest teapots you can get. If you decided to buy some new model on the market, this is more than good teapot to choose.