Review of Twinings Green Tea And Sencha Green Tea (Updated 2018)

I must admit that I haven’t heard of Twinings green tea since several months ago, but when I heard about this tea for the first time, I knew I will not forget it because I realized this tea is very delicious and I was impressed with the fact that many people just love it. Twinings tea is made of natural ingredients and it is made by Twinings of London, company with very long history in industry of producing tea. Besides green tea, company has many different type of teas available. Green tea is made of Camellia Sinensis, plant that contains antioxidants and polyphenols, and because of this, green tea Twinings have many benefits for your health. Read my full review before purchase.

Features of Green Tea Twinings

Although Twinings has regular green tea, I would like to write about Twinings Green Tea, Green with Jasmine, 20 Count Bagged Tea first. I found a package of six packs with more than five thousand reviews and more than eighty percent of five star ratings and I was amazed to see these high ratings for a single tea. But, when I read most of reviews, I realized how awesome this tea is. One package containts twenty boxes of tea, tea is mild and it will relax and you and refresh you at the same time. Combination of green tea and jasmine is perfect.

Green tea and Jasmine Twinings tea review

One of the best impressions buyers get from this tea is – it is so easy to prepare it. You just need to pour hot water over tea bag and wait it to steep for only sixty seconds. If you like a bit stronger tea, steep tea bag for two minutes. Don’t use boiling water, let water to cool off just a little bit. You will have your favorite tea ready in just couple of minutes, and you will boost your energy fast and quickly.

According to reviews, people adore this brand of green tea and this particular combination of green tea and jasmine. You can make ice tea for hot summer days. Tea is not bitter, you will not feel taste of linger or citric acid. You can drink it in the morning or in the afternoon, just don’t drink it before sleep because it contains caffeine and you will have some hard time to fall asleep.

UPDATE: I found great Twinings green tea, its name is Twinings Green Tea, Tea Bags, 50 Count (Pack of 6), and its price is very affordable. This tea is mixture of finest green tea leaves, taste is smooth and refreshing, so pure and relaxing.

Main features of Twinings green tea are:


  • it comes in various packages,
  • taste is smooth and natural,
  • mild and not too bitter.

Is Twinings tea really worth it?

Definitely! There are high quality teas and not so high quality teas, and this one is surely high quality. You can’t just ignore these superb reviews from buyers, and many of tea drink tea for years, they know how good tea tastes. If you want regular green tea, and not a mixture of teas, Twinings Green Tea is great choice. There is package of six packs available for affordable price, tea is smooth and gently and in Sencha style. It is pure and totally natural and preparation is same as Jasmine Green tea from Twinings.

Sencha Tea Reviews and Features

On the other hand, if you are looking for Sencha tea, I will write about several different products, but all of them have really high ratings. First one is Authentic Maeda-en Japanese Sencha Green Tea. This green tea comes in package of one hundred tea bags which are in foil. You can order one package or two packages. Price for two packages is really affordable. Sencha tea is well-know for mild taste and original Japanese aroma.

Making Sencha tea is quite easy. You need to boil water, let it cool of for a minute or two, and then you only need to pour water over teabag. Steep it for one or two minutes. If you didn’t drink Sencha tea before, you should know that Sencha tea is Japanese tea, and it is result of processing tea leaves, opposite to matcha,  powder green tea. You can read more about Sencha tea here.

What buyers have to say about Sencha green tea?

There are currently more than two hundred reviews and around seventy percent are five star ratings, but around ten percent of reviews are one star ratings. Many buyers love taste of this tea, although there are some buyers who didn’t think this is authentic Japanese tea. People who didn’t drink Sencha tea before think that tea tastes great, but some true tea drinkers found tea too smokey. Also, tea is not organic, if you are looking for organic Sencha tea, check out Eden Organic Sencha green tea.

Final thoughts about Green Tea Twinings and Sencha Green Tea

Twinings green tea has many positive reviews on Amazon and this is not without a reason. If you like to drink green tea every day and you are not sure what brand is one of the top rated, you will not go wrong with this type of green tea. With amazing natural aroma and great taste, this tea will your be new sidekick in the morning.

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