Review of Green Tea Extract Capsules

If you tried to drink green tea and from various reasons you cannot do it anymore, taking capsules with green tea extract can be a good alternative.

But, while green tea is safer than capsules, capsules can give you far more benefits if you take them the right way.

Before taking any supplements, consult your health care provider especially if you have any health issues.

How to choose?

There are various types and brands of green tea capsules, and you should choose capsules after reading reviews and opinions of other buyers.

Of course, not everyone will react the same when they consume capsules, but this is a good place to start.

Also, always follow instructions from the seller or manufacturer and only take allowed dose of capsules per day.

Capsules are made when leaves of green tea are dried and there are even capsules without caffeine which makes the process of making green tea capsule more complex, but effective for you who don’t want to take caffeine.

Green Tea Capsules – Our Review

In the next few paragraphs, we will review four green tea capsules packages from Amazon, these products have good ratings and we will write about its specifications and features.

We hope you will decide easier which capsules are right for you. Choose capsules according to your needs, budgets, and expectations.

Best Pure Green Tea Extract Capsules by Brandon Sciences

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Best Pure Green Tea Extract Capsules by Brandon Sciences are capsules of five hundred milligrams and they contain EGCG catechins.

They are great for losing weight and for improving your health. Capsules are non-GMO, one package contains sixty capsules rich with phytochemicals, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

Besides green tea, capsules contain L-Theanine, great for improving concentrations and mental state.

Pure Green Tea Extract Capsules

We all know that green tea is used for hundreds of years for human health, and Brandon Sciences fill their capsules with pure green tea extract at ninety-eight percent.

Don’t use capsules if you are pregnant, nursing, or under the age of eighteen.

If you already take any kind of medication, talk to your health care provider about combining your medications with green tea extract capsules.

It is recommended to take capsule one time or two times per day with food. Capsules are easy to swallow.

According to reviews, capsules are working and with the change of diet habits, you can lose weight in just a couple of weeks.

Green Tea Extract w/ EGCG by EBYSU

This product contains premium ingredients, it is without GMO and there are no artificial flavors or chemicals.

If you find this product interesting, you can save some money if you order two, three or four packages at once.

For more information, visit the main product page on Amazon, because some restrictions apply. EBYSU is well-known for high-quality products, made in the United States.

This product is also not intended for use if you are under eighteen years of age if you are pregnant or nursing. Follow daily recommendations and you will not feel the side effects of green tea.

EBYSU green tea extract capsules currently have forty-seven reviews and unbelievable rating of five out of five stars! All customers are very satisfied with its features and quality.

Many of them had issues with low energy in the morning, and this product helped them so much.

The recommended dose is one capsule per day, the energy level will stay on the same level throughout the day.

With capsules, you can also eat healthier and be more active, and if your goal is to lose weight, you will probably make it. Your appetite will decrease, there is no bad taste, and many customers feel great!

Extra Strength Green Tea Extract

Extra Strength Green Tea Extract is sold by Natural Subsistence and it improves your metabolism, it can help you to lose weight and to boost your energy.

Package contains one hundred and twenty capsules, capsules are totally natural and safe to use. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product and you will receive your money back.

Green Tea Capsules

Main specifications of this product are:

  • energy booster,
  • rich with antioxidants,
  • improve your health,
  • and many more!

If you order three or six bottles, you can save some money, check details about this on the main product page on Amazon.

Side effects are rare, but it can occur. Main side effects are nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, and headache.

If you notice any side effect, stop taking capsules and consult your health care provider. According to reviews, side effects are rare and this is definitely good news.

Take one capsule per day just in case, although recommendation from a seller is one or two capsules per day.

Also, take a capsule with food. Taste of capsules are neutral, and buyers agree that it works! If you like to try green tea extract capsules, one of these products would be a great choice to start with.

Final thoughts about green tea capsules

Green tea capsules are an excellent alternative if you can’t drink green tea every morning.

Studies showed that capsules are also very effective for your health, because of EGCG and catechins from green tea leaves.

For daily recommendation and allowed dosage per day, consult seller or manufacturer, just in case, they will tell you right amount you can take every day.