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Ovente KG83 Series Cordless vs. Ovente Stainless Steel Kettle (2019 Update)

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If you need cordless kettle, there are several models with really good reviews and with very affordable price. In the article, I will write about Ovente cordless kettles, first one is Ovente KG83 Series cordless kettle, other too are 1.7 BPA free kettle and BPA free stainless steel kettle.

I found this models on Amazon and they have several thousand reviews which is more than enough for you to choose the one for your needs. Cordless kettles has many functions that makes it easy to use them, they are made of high quality materials and they look modern and classy. This model is convenient and easy to use.

Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle

First, I will write about Ovente KG83 electric kettle, this model is currently best seller in Electric kettles category and what thing that impress me the most about this model is – it is available is so many different colors, I think I would buy every single one to make my kitchen look like a rainbow.

Basic color is black, but there are also maroon, orange, green, white, purple, pink and red, and there is a stainless steel model too. Capacity of this model is 1.5 liters, it has power of 1100 watts, and it is super efficient. Heating element is not visible, and it is made of stainless steel.

Features of Ovente KG83 Series

This kettle has various functions that will make preparation of tea so easy. It has protection against boiling on dry, in case you didn’t pour enough water, or if you didn’t pour water at all. Lights are blue, level for water capacity is very convenient, and there is also auto turn off feature.

Handle is ergonomic and it stays cool to the touch. Dimensions of this model are 8 inches by 6 inches by 9.3 inches. Weight of kettle is 2.8 pounds. Plastic used to make this kettle is BPA free so you don’t have to worry about that. According to reviews, Ovente kettle does the work and completes what it supposed to do.

UPDATE: This model kept nice ratings and reviews several months after I published this article. It currently has more than sixty-eight hundred reviews and around sixty percent of five star ratings. With more than three hundred answered questions about this model, I think you can find everything you need to know about it before purchase.

Just to remind you, dimensions of this model are 8 inches x 6 inches x 9.3 inches, it weights four pounds and it is available since June, 2013 on Amazon. Kettle heats water fast, it looks great for its price and it gives you a chance to save time.


Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Cordless Electric Kettle

Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Cordless Electric Kettle also comes in several colors – white, pink and baby pink, green and brown. Capacity of this model is 1.7 liters, it has on and off indicator, auto turn off feature and power of 1100 watts.

Filter is easy to clean, and there is heating element which is not visible. Lid is secured and warranty lasts one year. Dimensions of this model are 8.5 inches by 6.7 inches by 9.4 inches. Currently, there are more than three thousands and five hundred reviews, and around sixty percent of reviewers gave this kettle five star ratings.

Features of Ovente 1.7 l BPA free kettle

Ovente 1.7 BPA-free kettle offers nice and easy way to prepare your favorite tea. According to reviews, Ovente kettle is really great choice for any avid tea drinker. You can make tea in just few minutes, and price of this model is more than affordable. For customer’s images and more reviews, check out main product page on Amazon.

Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Ovente 1.7 Liter BPA Free Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle is third on my list. It has more than twelve hundred reviews, with around sixty percent of five star ratings. Model is similar to previous, only difference is it is made of stainless steel.

It comes in beige, brushed and red color, so you can easily make your kitchen to look modern and elegant. Element for heating is not visible, there is LED light that shows you when kettle is on and off. Handle stays cool when water is boiled.

According to reviews, buyers are generally satisfied with this model. This kettle has lower than average returning rate on Amazon which is definitely good sign to buy it. Water is boiled in just a few minutes, kettle is efficient and easy to use, it is not hard to use it, even beginners will learn how to boil water in just couple of days.

Some buyers experienced issues with rust, so don’t forget to follow instructions from manufacturer how to clean kettle regularly. Also, you must learn how to prevent rust.

UPDATE: After several months, I can say that this Ovente model has more than one thousand and three hundred reviews. It also has around fifty seven percent of five star ratings.

Kettle is fast and it consumes small amount of energy. Kettle is simple and very nice, some people had issues with on/off button and rust, and if you want to make sure if this model is right for you or not, read latest reviews on Amazon.

Final Words onĀ Ovente KG83 Series Cordless vs. Ovente Stainless Steel Kettle

Ovente cordless kettles, no matter if you choose KG83 series or BPA-free stainless steel or white model, can save you some space in your kitchen, and with affordable price.

This type of kitchen appliance will be your new best friend in the morning. Ovente is a company well-known for high-quality kettles. These three models above are one of the best selling models on Amazon. I hope I made you easier to decide should you buy cordless kettle or not.

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