NOW Green Tea Extract

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As always, we try to be objective, and we will write about the product’s features, specifications, and impressions from buyers.

NOW Green Tea Extract – Full Reviews

Green tea extract by NOW contains two hundred and fifty capsules that can help you to boost energy and to feel better, and to respond better to stressful situations.

This product is not intended for international shipping. There are more than four hundred and fifty reviews on Amazon currently and we collected best and not so best featured of this product.

First, you probably want to know what are its ingredients.

Besides green tea extract, capsules contain vitamin C, Magnesium Stearate and Cellulose. There is no milk, soy, shellfish, fish, wheat or gluten.

Capsules are not for children, and you must keep them in a cool place without humidity. You must consult your health care provider if you are pregnant or nursing.

According to reviews, this product can help if you are trying to boost your energy or even if you want to cut back on soda.

Green tea is good if you are tired in the afternoon and you simply need more energy to go throughout the day.

Also, the package is large and you don’t have to buy a new one for eight months because you only need to take one capsule per day.

If you don’t enough time to prepare green tea two times per day every day, you can take this capsule, you will see it is definitely good for your immune system and for your health.

Many people think that NOW is a trustworthy company and they are using NOW products for years. The best thing is to take capsules with food, so you can digest it better.

Just take capsules in the evening because you will have a hard time sleeping. Capsules also reduce appetite, you will not feel hungry all the time.

A small number of people didn’t notice any difference when they took capsules, but that probably varies from person to person.

EGCG Green Tea Extract Capsules

Beside NOW green tea extract, EGCG green tea extract is also available. EGCG green tea extract package contains two hundred milligrams of EGCG and eighty percent of catechins.

This is almost the same as two cups of green tea. Green tea is also rich with polyphenols and with antioxidants.

Capsules don’t contain milk, sugar, gluten, corn, wheat, yeast, egg, shellfish, salt or any preservative.

There are currently around three hundred and fifty reviews on Amazon for this product, and around sixty percent are five-star ratings.


If you want to lose weight, don’t expect miracles, you also need to change diet habits and you probably should do some exercise, at least brisk walking.

Some people experienced a headache after taking these capsules, so don’t overdo it and don’t take more than one capsules per day.

Also, some people felt tired, but we are not sure if this is related to capsules or not.

Although some buyers didn’t notice improvements in their energy or they didn’t lose weight, many people liked this product and they actually felt a lot better.

Do not take capsules on an empty stomach because it can cause nausea and pain, always take capsules with food.

Some people even notice that their skin looks better and they don’t have issues with acne anymore.

Before you make the final decision should you buy this product or not, read positive and negative reviews and take your time to decide.

Final thoughts about NOW green tea extract capsules

NOW is a company with excellent products that people use all over the world. Products are safe to use, you just need to follow instructions on the bottle.

Use only one capsule per day to avoid side effects.

If you are unable to drink green tea because of various reasons, taking capsules is a good alternative, and NOW green tea extract is definitely one of the best choices you have.

So, order your first bottle and try it.