Do You Know the Difference Between Black and Green Tea?

Today on the market, we can find a large number of different types of tea.

White tea, green tea, black tea … But what tea should you choose? Which tea is best for your health?

It is not easy to answer this question, because someone prefers white tea, one can not imagine a day without green tea, while the third group of people simply loves black tea.

In this article, we will focus on the difference between green and black tea, two types of tea that are perhaps the most popular in most parts of the world.

For green tea, leaves are harvested when they are bright green.

Due to the specific way of processing, the leaves retain a greenish color. In order to obtain black tea, the leaves are oxidized.

This process is called fermentation.

Are Green and Black Tea Beneficial for Health?

We all know that it’s very healthy to drink green tea, but did you know that the consumption of black tea is very effective too?

Although originating from the same plant, except for the differences in color, green tea and black tea is a bit different.

And you can read below what is the main difference between green and black tea.

Origin of Black and Green Tea

Green and black tea origins from Camellia sinensis, but they are different because of oxidation and processing.

For green tea, leaves are heating with the help of steam in most cases. This way, leaves remain green. On the other hand, black tea is made after leaves are crushed and torn in order to oxidize.

After this, leaves are dried and because of this, tea has black color.

For the preparation of green tea, processing time is minimal. Black tea goes through fermentation but still, it is also very healthy beverages with lots of benefits.

Because of the different process for preparation, there is a difference in green and black tea content.

While green tea has something between nine and fifty milligrams of caffeine, black tea has around forty to seventy milligrams per cup.

If you are trying to cut caffeine, you should definitely go with green tea consumption.

There is no difference in compounds of black and green tea regarding heart and blood vessel function benefits.

Both green and black tea improves functions of blood vessels while decreasing bad cholesterol level at the same time.


Most people agree that because of fresh leaves for green tea, green tea has more antioxidants, but this is not yet totally confirmed.

If you are a true tea lover, you will learn as much as you can about both of these teas, especially how to prepare and serve them.

In tea preparation, the temperature of the water is the most important factor how the tea tastes like. Also, you must not brew leaves too long nor too short.

Green tea and black tea are prepared differently.

For green tea, water temperature doesn’t need to be too high. You must brew green tea for a maximum of three minutes while keeping the temperature of water between 82 and 89 degrees C.

Before you prepare tea, you can also choose your favorite teacup so you don’t have to waste your time later.

If you like, eat some cookie with green tea, some people enjoy tea more this way.

How to Prepare Them

Black tea is prepared by using hot water and tea bag, or tea leaves. Water temperature should be 100 degrees C.

Let the tea steep for four minutes.

Strain the tea, remove tea bag or leaves and drink it sip by sip.

It is best to drink black tea without sugar or milk. Black tea, as same as green tea, reduce risks of heath attacks, improves heart and blood vessels functions and improves focus and concentration.

Because of this, it also reduces the risk of stroke and improves the function of your brain.

Black tea has more caffeine, so you should not drink more than two, maximum three cups per day.


Many people love tea. Some of them are very interested to learn which tea is the best for human health, while others just want to drink tea and enjoy its taste.

Green and black tea contain flavonoids and antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent damage of free radical to your body and thus decrease risks of many chronic diseases, but also heart diseases and cancer.

In the U.S., more than one hundred fifty million people drink tea every day, are you one of them?  Do you enjoy a cup of tea and checking out great options like

So, as a conclusion, we can say that, although there is a difference between green and black tea, and both are made of the same planet.

Both black and green tea has several health benefits and because of this, you should starting drinking green or black tea, not tomorrow, but today!

What do you use in making your tea?