Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Tea is awesome drink, or beverage, and almost every person will agree with this, no matter if this person likes to drink tea or not. Herbal tea is made of herbs, as its name already says, and it can give you boost of energy in the morning. But, many people asked us – is herbal tea really healthy? Does it have health benefits or is it just a hype? Well, to answer this question is not easy – there are various herbal teas out there and not every tea has same impact on all people. While some people will feel better after drinking tea, other can feel anxiety especially if tea is rich with caffeine. So, before you start drinking tea, you should find out what type of herbs is made of and what herbs are used in preparation of that tea and how caffeine that tea has.

Does herbal tea has caffeine?

It is well known fact that black, white and green tea contain caffeine. Amount of caffeine in these three types of tea can vary, but yes, caffeine can be found and it will be found in those teas. But, what about herbal teas? If you want to eliminate caffeine, should you drink herbal tea instead? Well, good news is that many, or even all, herbal teas don’t have caffeine at all. If you want to decrease caffeine intake for various reasons, you should consume only herbal teas without caffeine. According to American Pregnancy Association, herbal tea doesn’t have caffeine and some of those teas are peppermint tea, ginger tea and chamomile tea. We all know that chamomile, ginger and peppermint are good against nausea and stomach issues. But, make sure you avoid peppermint tea if you are pregnant. Before any tea consumption, always consult your health care provider. Also, be aware that some herbal teas has small traces of caffeine in it. But, this amount is minimal and you will not even feel anything from it. If caffeine doesn’t affect you in a bad way, and it gives you a boost in the morning, it is safe to drink teas with caffeine, but of course, don’t drink too much of it.

Which herbal tea to choose?

Before you start with drinking herbal tea, you should know that herbal tea is not really a tea, it is hot or cold beverage. Tea is plant, and herbal tea is not made of that plant. It is made of various types of herbs. Herbal tea can be described as infusion. It is infusion of leaves or seeds, or both. But, “herbal tea” expression is accepted in various languages and it is a lot easier to call beverage herbal tea than herbal infusion. Depending of why you want to drink tea, is it because of stomach issues or insomnia, you should choose herbal tea according to your needs. Besides three already mentioned teas, you can start with lemon balm tea. It is good for relaxation and against anxiety, and it also improves your attention and focus. Don’t drink more than two cups per day. Rosehip tea is also a good choice because it contains vitamin C and we all know that vitamin C, although as not as much as we learned before, improves state of immune system.

Health benefits of herbal tea

Herbal tea is good home remedy, but don’t overuse it and don’t drink tea for any health issue you have before consulting your doctor. But, in general, you can drink herbal tea instead coffee every morning. Some of most common health benefits of herbal tea are:

– good against colds: nobody likes colds and flu, and we have a good news for you – some teas, such as elderflower tea is good against cold because some teas gives chance to sweat more. It is good against inflammation and it prevents viruses to spread.

– prevents infection: ginger tea, for example, is good in preventing infection because it stimulates body circulation and it is generally good for teeth, bones and hair.

– fights insomnia: if you can’t sleep at night, drinking one cup of warm chamomile tea is excellent idea. Chamomile tea will help you relax and sleep better.

We also recommend to drink echinacea tea, fennel tea and any other tea rich with vitamins. Echinacea tea is good against cold, while fennel tea improves your sinus condition. But, don’t take tea for granted, there are so many cheap teas prepared in non-traditional way that doesn’t do any good for your body. It is better to not drink tea at all if you don’t drink quality tea. If tea is made of tea leaves and roots, it can help with digestion, against inflammation and even to lower blood pressure. One of the safest teas you can drink every day is chamomile tea, and you can even drink it before sleep, especially if you are under stress and you need to find a way to relax your mind.

Final thoughts about herbal tea

Tea is drink with really long history. In medieval times, drinking tea was not just a habit, it was important social event. Throughout years and even centuries, people learned that tea has various health benefits and this applies to herbal tea too. Herbal teas are good against nausea, anxiety and they will help you to boost immune system or to sleep better. But, you should also be aware that some teas cannot be mixed with medication. Herbal teas can increase or decrease effects of medication and if you already take some medications, talk to your doctor about what type of herbal tea is good for your condition. This also can be applied if you are pregnant or if you are planning pregnancy.

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