Difference between Epica Electric Kettle and Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Kettle (Updated)

Epica and Cuisinart made two excellent tea kettles, both kettles have excellent ratings and nice reviews from buyers, but what are main difference between these two model? In this article, we will review both kettles, we will write about its specifications, benefits and disadvantages. When you finish reading this article, you will decide which tea kettle is great choice according to your needs.

Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Programmable Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ kettle looks very elegant and classy and it is available in frustration free and standard packaging. Heating element of this model is not visible, capacity is 1.75 liters and it is made of stainless steel. Power of kettle is 1500 watts which is more than enough for standard users. Filter is removable, and there is window with blue light where you can check level of water inside. Handle stays cool so forget about burns once and for all.

There are six already set temperatures for easy use, you need to select temperature depending on type of tea you want to prepare. For more information, check manual. Filter is removable so you can wash it with any hassle, and kettle also has protection against boiling on dry, if there is not enough water inside.

Main specifications of this model are:

– dimensions are 8.1 inches by 9.75 inches by 12 inches,

– made in China,

– option for keeping water warm,

– available since March 2017,

– it’s not noisy,

– BPA free.

According to reviews, this kettle is really great choice if you are tea drinker. One of the main downsides of this model is that letters wear off after some time, so you better remember which button is for which function. Kettle is for boiling water only, you must not put tea inside. Kettle does not have timer so you can not set it before you go to sleep.

What buyers have to say about this model?

According to buyers, this kettle is excellent choice for everyone who likes to drink tea in the morning or in the evening. Some customers had it for many years, although there are situations when kettle stop working after several months of use. If you have any kind of issues with kettle, contact customer support and they will help you. Kettle is also great as a gift, no matter you need gift for your boss, family member or a friend.

Buyers are generally satisfied with this model. Side of kettle gets hot, and this is understandable, but handle doesn’t get warm, so kettle is safe to use. Avoid contact with hot surface just in case. There are plastic parts, but water reaches only small area where contact is minimal, and according to Cuisinart, plastic is BPA free. If you like to drink several types of tea, there is no problem, with this kettle you can prepare white tea, green tea, black tea, or even Oolong tea.

UPDATE: After several months of publishing this article, we wanted to check how Cuisinart kettle sells on Amazon and we can still say it is quite good actually. Reviews are excellent and there are almost four thousand reviews right now, and around sixty percent are five star ratings. This model is definitely one of the top rated you can get.

Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle

On the other hand, Epica kettle has a bit better ratings then Cuisinart, but there are less reviews. Epica tea kettle has six different temperatures, it is also made of stainless steel and it is cordless. Handle also stays cool, so there will be no accidents of burning your fingers. Automatic turn off feature is here, as same as with Cuisinart tea kettle. Also, water will stay warm if you select Keep warm option, and one ultra cool feature we definitely liked is that lid automatically opens.

Main specifications of Epica tea kettle are:

– dimensions of 8.25 inches by 9.75 inches by 12 inches,

– made of stainless steel,

– free shipping,

– price is a bit lower than Cuisinart kettle’s price,

– you can use it with one hand.

Kettle is available since May 2016, so this means it’s a bit older model than Cuisinart’s model, but it is not obsolete for sure. It will boil water in five minutes approximately. What buyers think of this model? According to reviews, this model is a must have. It has only three percent of one star and two percent of two stars currently, and more than ninety percent are five star and four star ratings.

Performance of Epica tea kettle is superb according to buyers, price is affordable and this is nice looking kettle with various features and great design. If you are tea drinker, electric kettle is a must have, and Epica 6 temperature variable electric tea kettle is definitely amazing choice. Kettle is light weight, it is quite and you will not make mess while boil water and make tea anymore. Main downside of this kettle is that wall becomes hot when water boils, and there are some parts made of plastic, but water tastes completely natural.


After some time, here is small update about Epica 6-temperature electric kettle – it still goes very well among buyers on Amazon and it has more than 1600 reviews, and almost eighty percent are five star ratings. This means that Epica kettle is definitely good choice for your new electric kettle.

Final thoughts about Epica and Cuisinart tea kettles

As you can see, Epica and Cuisinart tea kettles are very similar. Dimensions of model are almost identical, both kettles are made of stainless steel and both models are from similar price range. Check current price before order because there are discounts on Amazon often. Both Epica and Cuisinart tea kettles are excellent choice if you like to drink tea in the morning. Epica has more than one thousand reviews and more than seventy five percent of five star ratings, while Cuisinart kettle has more than three thousand and six hundred reviews and around sixty percent of five star ratings. Price range of both kettles is similar, and it is only up to you which model suits best for you and your family.

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