Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle – Review

You need an electric kettle with variable temperature settings? We have a solution for you – Cuisinart CPK 17 PerfectTemp 1.7 electric kettle with capacity of 1.7 liters does all the job instead of you! First of all, it comes in frustration-free package, so you don’t have to stress about delivery and shipping. It is made of stainless steel and it has all cool features modern electric kettles have – three hundred and sixty degree swivel base, six settings for heat, it keeps water warm for thirty minutes, and much much more! Power of Cuisinart electric kettle is 1500 watts, it works on 110 volts. Heating element is not visible, and there is blue LED light that warns you when kettle is turned on.

Cusinart CPK 17 kettle Features

There are more than thirty five hundred reviews on Amazon for this model and currently sixty percent of ratings are five star ratings. Dimensions of this model are 8.2 inches by 9.8 inches by 12 inches and it weighs only one pounds. Warranty lasts amazing three years which is superb, you have to agree with that. Kettle is made of stainless steel and free shipping is available. It’s a bit pricier than similar models from other manufacturers and sellers, but buyers agree it is worth it.

Main specifications of this model are:

– easy to open lid,
– filter is removable,
– easy to clean,
– six preset controls for temperature,
– water window,
– handle will not get warm,
– and many more.

Design and Special Functions

Kettle has memory feature that offers a situation to let it off its base for maximum two minutes without kettle have to go to stand-by mode. When you return kettle on base, kettle will start heating water again. When water is boiled, you can use Keep warm option for thirty minutes maximum. There is also boil dry protection, and this means kettle will not work if there is no water inside or if there is not enough water in the kettle. Model is available on Amazon since 2010, and this means you have high quality product right in front of you.

Most frequent questions about Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

There are more than three hundred questions and answers on main product page, we collected some of most interesting and you should take a look at it, because it provide many information about this kettle and it will help you decide if this model is right for you or not. First of all, window is made of glass, cord can be put underneath if you don’t like cords hanging around in your kitchen. You don’t have to worry about problems with rust, many buyers used kettle for months and they didn’t notice anything. Water actually boils if you use boil water option, and many other models have this feature, but water is not actually boiled. You can choose temperature settings depending are you preparing green tea, white tea, French press, delicate tea or Oolong. Handle stays cool, but kettle gets warm, so be careful when you pour water just in case. Don’t touch kettle itself when water is boiled.

Also, according to answers, this kettle is not that quiet, so it is not adviceable to use it in your office. It also beeps when water is boiled, and this can be annoying at work. Model is easy to clean, you just need to follow instructions. Kettle doesn’t have a timer but this is not that common among kettles for tea. It says on the model it is for household use only, so please follow these instructions and recommendation, don’t use it anywhere else.

What buyers have to say about this model?

Some customers were not satisfied with quality of Cuisinart kettle and support. If you notice that there is something wrong with unit you receive, contact support and they will probably offer new one as soon as possible. Also, there is possible issue with buttons rubbing off, so you better remember which button is for what function. There are many images and even videos from sellers which you can watch and check if this model is right for you or not. But, there are also so many positive reviews about this kettle, and you better read most reviews before making final decision. This model is great for everyone who likes to drink tea every day, it has plastic parts but only small amount of water reaches that part, and best part is there is preset for six different type of teas so it is very easy to use this kettle.

Final thoughts about Cuisinart electric kettle

Cuisinart is a company that is very reputable and millions of customers are really satisfied with its products. This goes the same with electric kettles, and CPK 17 kettle made of stainless steel is definitely something you want to try if you are looking for high quality kettle with positive reviews and good features. Price of this model is a bit higher that competitors’, but it is definitely worth it. With this kettle, you will have your favorite tea ready and prepared every single day in the quickest time possible.

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