Corded or Cordless Tea Kettles: Which Is Better for Brewing Tea?

The fastest and most convenient way to boil water over the years has been to use an electric tea kettle rather than a microwave or a stovetop tea kettle. Most households must inevitably boil water to make tea or coffee, especially in the morning. Additionally, by choosing the right kitchen appliances, you could daily save time and energy. Therefore, if you don’t have an electric tea kettle at home, you’re probably not boiling water most efficiently.

The electric tea kettle is typically made of heat-resistant plastic or metal-based materials like steel and copper. The majority of electric kettles on the market today come with an automatic thermostat that instantly turns the kettle off when it reaches the boiling point. This is a crucial feature because it guards against the heating element overheating, which can eventually result in electrical shock and damage.

Types of Electric Tea Kettle

The electric tea kettle comes in two varieties: one with a plug-in cord and one without. Both types are practical and simple to use, despite how outdated the corded one is. The bases of the cordless electric kettles contain a special power element that is connected to the electrical main supplies. Once the water has boiled, it is best to remove the plastic kettle from the base. This will guard against the kettle being harmed by the heat.

For an electric tea kettle to operate, all you need is a power outlet where you can plug the cord in. Purchasing one of these could be a great idea for small offices without boilers because it saves space and is reasonably priced. With all the hassle and mess gone, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee.

Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Tea Kettle

You should be aware that both of these electric tea kettles do nothing more than boil water. Therefore, the boiled water will eventually turn cold if it is not stored in a vacuum container. You won’t need to boil water more than once a day if you keep the water in the flask. You only need to drain the hot water to make your favorite cup of tea or hot chocolate. The typical capacity of an electric tea kettle is between two and four liters; larger kettles can hold up to five liters. One thousand to one thousand and a half hundred watts of electricity are needed to boil a full tea kettle, and this process takes five to ten minutes. When the water begins to boil, both the electric kettle and stovetop will signal this.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about buying an electric tea kettle, you might want to think about getting the cordless model. Since you don’t have to drudge the electric cord when refilling the teakettle, cordless kettles are more convenient. Because the base and kettle body dock firmly and they don’t leave your space looking disorganized, cordless kettles are manageable. Additionally, they are more modern than corded versions of the same items. 

Corded and Cordless Tea Kettles

A corded kettle fastens to the wall directly, whereas a cordless kettle heats the water on a metal base and can be taken off the base once it has reached the proper temperature. Since there is no tangled cord to deal with while pouring hot water, cordless kettles are simpler to use. Most kettle cords are 65 to 80 centimeters long, but they can be up to 1 meter long, which is helpful if your power outlet is in an awkward place. Furthermore, there are advantages to using a Fast Boil Kettle.

Temperature Control

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The capability of an electric tea kettle to control the temperature the water reaches, however, is one of the most appealing features for a green tea drinker. Since black teas are brewed with boiling water, this is not a big deal. However, certain green teas and white teas benefit from being steeped at lower temperatures. You can select the ideal temperature for your tea by using a variable electric tea kettle. Only a few models have automatic temperature control at the moment.

How safe?

It may be more comfortable to grip and lift if the handle has a soft rubberized area on it. Some kettles have an insulated body so that even when the water inside is boiling, the outside remains comfortable to touch.

Where To Buy An Electric Kettle?

An electric tea kettle is readily available almost everywhere. In department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hardware stores, electrical appliance stores, specialty stores, retail chain stores, etc., you can easily find them. If you’d rather not go out and purchase one, you could try going online and exploring the various online markets that provide such goods.

In addition, Amazon is one of the most well-known online marketplaces. There are many different types of electric kettles available, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced, with features like an automatic thermostat, locking lids, preset temperatures for boiling water, whistling, and chiming noises.

What To Buy?

For instance, the Presto electric tea kettle only costs $18 and is perfect for single people who only need to quickly brew a cup of coffee using a small amount of water that has already been boiled. However, if you want to choose something more sophisticated, the Cuisinart PerfectTemp Cordless Electric Kettle might be the best option. 

This kettle has 6 preset temperatures, one-touch controls with blue LED indicators, and a memory feature that lets you lift the kettle off the ground for 2 minutes without it turning off or losing its place in the brewing process. It can hold up to 1.7 liters of water. When lifting or setting down the kettle body, the swivel heating base is extremely useful. In comparison to other kitchen utensils and appliances, the electric tea kettle can be regarded as the most practical electrical appliance in the kitchen. On the other hand, you can read reviews about Ovente KG83 Series Cordless vs. Ovente Stainless Steel Kettle. An electric tea kettle serves its purpose and brews your preferred cup of coffee whether you’re a single person or a family.