Copper tea kettle by Demmex Review

Demmex Copper Heavy Gauge Tea Kettle

Copper is well-known as resistant material and purchasing copper tea kettle is definitely good idea. But, why is copper so good? Not because it is durable and sturdy, but it’s also heat exchanger. This means it conduct heat very well and it is also resistant to biofouling, corrosion. Copper distributes heat evenly and this leads to very fast water boiling. Copper is used as heat exchange for almost three hundred years. Today, many cookware is made of copper, not only because of corrosion resistance, but also antimicrobial properties.

No matter if you are searching for tea kettle for yourself or for your boss, for your family or for your friends, we have something interesting today, and we hope you are going to like it. This is copper teakettle by Demmex, it is heavy gauge hammered kettle that can be used on stove top.

DEMMEX 2017 Heavy Gauge Hammered Copper Tea Pot Kettle Stovetop Teapot Review

Copper tea kettle by Demmex is heavy gauge teapot and kettle that can be used on stove top without any issues. Capacity of this teapot is one point six quarts, and it is available in three different colors – antiqued copper, copper with copper handle and copper with wooden handle. Teapot is one millimeters thick, it’s one hundred percent handmade. You can use this model for electic and gas stoves, but not on induction stoves. Model is very sturdy and durable. It’s also very easy to clean it.

DEMMEX 2017 Copper Tea Kettle Stovetop Teapot Features

Demmex is a company that offers nice and high quality teapots and kettles. This model has nice and very high reviews and ratings on Amazon and people are generally happy with its functions and features. Dimensions of this model is 10 inches by 7 inches by 5 inches, and more than seventy percent of reviewers gave it five star ratings.

Main specifications of this model are:

– beautiful design,

– handmade by artisans from Turkey,

– great as a gift.

First, we can say, according to reviews, that tea kettle works very well and does the job. Teapot looks so nice that whole kitchen will receive totally new look and it will look, not modern, but classy and elegant. Spout is really carved nicely by artisans, you can see that it is made by experts.

What customers have to say about this tea kettle

Well, ratings for this model are high, and more than eighty percent of reviewers gave it five star and four star ratings. One buyer had to return it because kettle wouldn’t work on stove top made of ceramics. Some buyers noticed kettle looks a bit thin, but others stated that it looks fairly interested and made of high quality materials. Some buyers had issues with leaks and spills, but you need to handle it with care, and you must pour water slowly to avoid this issues. Other than that, kettle works just fine and it is sturdy and stable.

If you need not only functional but also great looking teapot and kettle, this model is great for you. Copper is shiny and handle stay cool, so you can use it without fear of getting burned. You can buy this for birthday or any other celebration day, but you can also buy it if you need kettle as soon as possible.

Final thoughts about copper teakettle

Copper is very reliable and durable material, and if you decided to purchase tea kettle made of copper, you will not make mistake. Demmex copper heavy gauge teapot and kettle can be used on electric and gas stove tops and you will have your tea ready as soon as possible. Its price is a bit higher than other tea kettles, but if you don’t have limited budget, you can go with this model, you will be more than satisfied.

You find no fun in boiling water in your microwave? Well, neither do we. Preparing tea in copper tea kettles is definitely fun and enjoyable experience, and Demmex offers exactly that! Their kettles is made of high quality materials, if you don’t like copper, there is also stainless steel tea kettle or teapot you can choose. For good price, this model is one of the best you can get.

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