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Difference Between Cast Iron Tea Kettle and Cast Iron Teapot

Cast iron teapots and tea kettles have various benefits, and if you have seen some of them, you probably noticed how awesome they look.

Cast iron tea kettles are a bit more expensive than regular tea kettles, and many people wonder if they are worth it, especially they have limited budget.

No matter if you like to brew loose tea or tea bags, you are probably interested should you invest money in cast iron teapots or not.

This type of teapot is not only offer to brew or steep tea, it provides techniques that is used centuries ago to prepare very tasty and enjoyable tea.

Tea preparation is not only boiling water and pouring water over loose tea or tea bags, it is whole lot more.

Cast iron teapots are called “tetsubin” and today they are still important part of tea ceremony in Japan.

Why should you buy cast iron tea kettle?

Cast iron is not only high quality product, it also has several health benefits.

Heat absorption is almost immediate, water is hot evenly and there is not chance to only small area of teapot becomes hot while other part stays cold.

In this way, leaves of tea are evenly warm. Cast iron tea kettles are very durable, strong and made to last long time. Many tea enthusiasts say that tea made in cast iron teapots tastes better.

Although we cannot guarantee that this statement is one hundred percent correct, it is quite possible, because evenly warm water will extract maximum taste of every tea leaf.

Your tea will definitely be tasty when you make it with a help of cast iron teapot.

Also, iron is important for human body, so don’t forget about this health benefit when you are about to purchase cast iron tea kettle.

Difference between tea kettle and teapot

As we already said, tea kettles are used for boiling water. Teapots are used by many people to steeping tea and for brewing tea.

No matter if you need teapot or tea kettle, you should plan what size, dimensions and style to purchase.

Teapots are also made of glass or ceramics, but cast iron teapots are generally more durable than other models.

Teapots have handle and lid at the top, besides spout which is used for pouring tea. Spout is important part of teapot because if it is too narrow, it can cause leaks and spills, and nobody likes messy teapot.

On the other side, tea kettles are mostly electric, and they are used for boiling water. Electric kettles have various designs, functions and power, and it depends on your needs which model to choose.

Busy people always choose electric tea kettles that boil water in just couple of minutes, so they can prepare tea in the morning as fast as they can.

Main features of cast iron teapots and kettles

Original cast iron teapots are made in Japan, they are really long lasting and with enamel that prevents rusting.

Also, tea stays warm for some time, in case you don’t want to drink tea right away, this is great feature.

Tetsubin has hundreds of years of tradition in Japan, and you just need to follow instructions in order to make one of the tastiest tea you will ever drink.

Also, you need to maintain cast iron teapot if you want to last as longer as possible.

You need to dry teapot every time after using it, water should not be left inside it, if you notice spots inside teapot, leave them there, don’t use any harsh materials for cleaning.

Also, for any additional answers, always check with manual, guide, seller or even manufacturer, it is always good idea to ask if something is not clear to you.

Final Words on Cast Iron Teapots and Kettles

Before you decide should you buy cast iron teapots or tea kettles, you must understand that teapots will help you to brew tea, while kettles will boil water.

Because of this, you must decide should you buy teapot or tea kettle. Teapots are not meant to use on stove tops, and you must boil water before you pour it inside teapot.

Cast iron teapots originate from Japan, they were used to warm water more quickly, and in the end, we can say that cast iron teapots are really high quality, durable and stable.

And if you don’t have limited budget, you should buy one, especially if you like tea that tastes great.


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