Black Perfectea Maker and Willow & Everett Tea Kettle Comparison

In this article, we are presenting two really amazing teapots.

Both models have a really interesting design, and although there is a difference in the price of both products, both teapots have mostly positive reviews and high ratings on Amazon.

Black Teavana Perfectea Maker

The first product is called Black Perfectea Maker by Teavana, the teapot is efficient and it makes tea in just a couple easy steps. Just choose your tea mug and put this appliance on it.

The teapot has a mechanism for draining, and it is made of plastic.

Main features of Black Perfectea Maker are:

  • made of plastic,
  • dimensions are 6.4 inches x 6 inches x 4.3 inches,
  • its weight is 12.8 ounces,
  • one of the best selling models on Amazon.

This product is in the top three in Teapots category on Amazon. it’s easy to clean and maintain. This is not an electric device, you just need to put it on your mug or cup and it steeps tea.

This is totally natural and very tasty. You can also prepare iced tea but don’t add ice cubes in tea maker.

If you notice any stain on the product, try to scrub it with a sponge. This is mostly normal and it should not concern you.

If you like to drink tea made of loose leaf, this is a must-have.

Many people had issues to make the perfect cup of tea, but this product makes tea preparation not that hard at all.

You can use it every day, just select tea you like the most, add hot water and wait for the tea to be ready.

There is no mess and there is an option to purchase Perfectea tea mug made of class.

Benefits of Perfectea maker are:

  • nice design,
  • efficient,
  • made of hard plastic,
  • natural.

When you receive this tea maker, don’t forget to call your friends to show them your new kitchen appliance – they will love it.

Because of its size, you can not put it on bigger mugs, so make sure you check the size of your mug before you order.

In just a few minutes, you will have your tea ready and delicious. Tea maker works great and most customers are really impressed with it.

And if you are not a tea drinker, don’t worry about it – this tea maker is perfect as a gift.

If you know someone who likes tea, we are certain that person will love this tea maker as a gift for a birthday or any other celebration day.

Overall opinion

If you are interested in what customers have to say about this model, check out the next few lines and remember them correctly.

First things first – the product works great and it is very efficient. It’s easy to use, and there is no mess.

This is very important for many people. One of the main downsides according to some customers is that you cannot see how much hot water you pour if you have a mug made of ceramics.

This is not a big deal, but we wanted to let you know about this. For some customers, after several months of use, the lid is falling off. This is not happening often dough.

Also, you better purchase small cups if you decide to buy this model.

Tea Kettle – Surgical Whistling Stove Top Kettle Teapot

And look what we have here – beautiful tea kettle with a capacity of three liters. This is made to serve you and last for a long time.

It is made with a combination of iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. This product is definitely of high quality.

The handle is made of silicone, the bottom is a layered capsule, with tea strainer made of stainless steel.

What is so special about this tea kettle?

Well, for starters, it is Teflon free and BPA free. There is no risk regarding your health with the use of Willow & Everett’s tea kettle.

Also, there is ninety days money back guarantee, if you don’t like the product, you can return it without any additional questions.

Made in silver color, this tea kettle is something special.

Main specifications of this kettle are:

  • dimensions are 10.7 inches x 9.4 inches x 9.3 inches,
  • weight is 3.5 pounds,
  • one of the best selling teapots,
  • it’s made in China,
  • more than eighty percent of five-star ratings on Amazon.

Customers generally accepted this model very well. At first glance, you can see that the model is not cheap and it does not look cheap.

It also holds heat for quite a long time. Some buyers stated that water is hot enough for tea even after one hundred and twenty minutes!

If you notice any kind of issue or malfunction, contact seller and you can try to resolve it without any hassle.

Are you a busy person and you don’t have too much free time on your own? Especially if you don’t have time for tea preparation, this model is an excellent choice.

In a situation that you are not sure if this product is right for you, there are more than eight hundred reviews, if you have time, read some positive and some negative reviews, and decide it for yourself.

Many buyers are very impressed with its functions, but make sure you do not fill it all the way to the top.

The kettle has a spout that is longer than average, and this is what makes it unique and original.

The kettle is durable and it is made of high-quality materials. The teapot comes with tea infuser. What more do you need?

A final thought about these two models

Well, these two models are not the same and there is a difference in price too. So, in order to choose and select only one model for purchase, you need to set up your budget first.

If you have a limited budget, you should go with a teapot with more affordable price, of course, this is logical and you should follow the logic.

If you want to invest more money, but you will be sure that you will buy build to the last model, pay more to receive more.

The final decision is up to you, but we can say that both models are really nice, easy to use and with really good ratings.