Best Tea Makers for Offices

Coffee is commonly seen in offices, and you would find it at your co-workers’ desk, your boss’ table, and even the attendant at the entrance of your office will surely have a cup of coffee in front of him or her. The abundance of coffee in the office is fairly justified, as the beverage can give them an extra boost of energy that they need to continue functioning for the whole day of work. Unfortunately, too much coffee can have side effects, which include headache and nausea. The caffeine found in coffee is what gives us the energy to keep working, but sometimes, our caffeine intake through a cup of coffee can often become too much that it hurts our body more than it helps us.

Luckily, there are other drinks that can give us caffeine with almost no side effects, and one of those drinks is tea. Tea is not really a popular beverage in the office, but if you place a great tea maker in the room, many people will surely try how the appliance work and what the produced tea tastes like. There are dozens of different tea makers that you can buy online, but there are only a few that are considered to be the best of the best in making tea. Here are some of the best tea makers for offices.

Where to Buy
Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker, 16 Ounce, Black
Gourmia GTP9815 Tea & Coffee Pot Glass Loose Leaf Tea Maker With Stainless Steel Filter Tumbler Infuser 850ml Capacity
Adagio Teas 16 oz. ingenuiTEA Version 2 Bottom-Dispensing Teapot
Teapot with Infuser for Loose Tea - 40oz, 3-4 Cup Tea Infuser, Clear Glass Tea Kettle Pot with Strainer & Warmer - Loose Leaf, Iced Tea Maker & Brewer
Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel


Teavana PerfecTea Maker

The first tea maker on the list is the Teavana PerfecTea Maker, a relatively affordable appliance that features BPA-free plastic parts and a glass kettle, so there wouldn’t be any chemical that will mix in with your tea. The big glass kettle allows tea leaves to have more room to infuse flavor on boiling water, thus offering a more flavorful tea in every cup. 

Besides the large kettle, the Teavana tea maker also features a patented drain mechanism that enables you to strain the tea to your cup without letting out any leaves inside the kettle. In addition, cleaning it up is quite easy as well, as there are only four parts that you need to disassemble in order to clean it. Unfortunately, the drawback of such an affordable tea maker is that it wouldn’t be able to heat the tea up for you, so you would need to prepare hot water on a pot and pour it into the tea kettle.

Gourmia GTP9815 Tea Maker

Another affordable tea maker you can buy is the Gourmia GTP9815, which has a heat-resistant borosilicate glass that is durable and has the ability to keep the heat for a few hours. For those that don’t have any space in the office for bigger appliances, the Gourmia tea maker is the perfect one to buy since it doesn’t take too much space.

Besides being suitable for offices, the Gourmia tea maker is so lightweight that it can also be used for outdoor trips. So, if you want to camp and then drink tea while you are outdoors, the Gourmia tea maker is the best tea maker for you. The unfortunate aspect of the Gourmia tea maker is that it has a small kettle, so it can only serve three to four cups of tea.

Adagio Teas ingenuiTEA Teapot

The ingenuiTEA Teapot by Adagio Teas is a bottom-dispensing tea maker that will filter the tea leaves at the top using the mesh filter while providing you with clean tea that doesn’t have any residue or leave on it. The BPA-free plastic kettle is both dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can clean the kettle without worrying about chemicals leaking out from the plastic, and you can microwave the container if you want to warm up your tea.

The cons of the ingenuiTea are that it has a small container similar to the Gourmia tea maker, and it also can’t heat up tea for you. So, you would need to heat up water on a pot before you can make tea on the ingenuiTea. However, since it is small and portable, it can also be used for outdoor trips.

tea in a teapot

Willow & Everett Teapot Kettle

For those that are focused on aesthetics while also thinking about function, the Willow & Everett Teapot Kettle is the right tea maker for them, as it has an elegant design that makes it look like it is a teapot from the ancient Chinese period, but its features are actually more modern than ancient. The Willow & Everett tea maker can make you at least four cups of tea, and it can also keep the tea warm for hours after putting boiling water in it.

The Willow & Everett tea maker is also microwave safe, but you would first need to remove the stainless steel lid and infuser before heating the kettle in the microwave. The small size of the tea maker also makes it the perfect appliance for small office spaces, and its portability allows you to share your tea with co-workers on other desks.

Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

Next up is the Breville BTM800XL, a tea maker that will produce hot tea for you in just a press of a button. The buttons found at the bottom part of the tea maker include options for making different types of tea, so the Breville is quite a versatile appliance. The tea maker also has an auto-start feature that enables you to brew tea automatically, and the appliance would actually stop brewing once the tea is at the right temperature and consistency.

Moreover, the Breville BTM800XL also has brew strength options that let you choose whether you want a lighter or a stronger tea. If there are still two or more cups of tea that can still be served in its kettle, the tea maker has a 60-minute keep-warm function that will constantly warm up the tea if you want another cup after a few minutes. The downside to the Breville tea maker is that it is significantly more expensive than most tea makers, but its features and functions could be worth the price depending on how much you and your co-workers love tea.

These tea makers will make you great tea in just a few minutes, although your choice out of the five will depend on your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can just get the cheaper tea makers and just heat up water on your own, but if you want a hassle-free and convenient way of making tea, then you should get the Breville tea maker.