Best Gourmet Tea Gift Baskets For All Occasions (Updated list)

Tea gift baskets and boxes – perfect surprise for tea enthusiasts

If you need some kind of special gift for your friend, your loved one or one of your family members, and if you want this gift to be unique and something special, getting a tea gift basket or tea box is definitely good choice because almost everyone loves to drink tea and tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. There are various type of baskets with various types of tea, and we are presenting some of the best tea gift baskets. You can purchase baskets with green tea, herbal tea or special mixture of various types of tea. Nice gift is something that shows that you really care. Spend some time before you purchase gift and choose the right one. Choosing the tea gift basket is not that difficult because there are so many baskets with top ratings and reviews from other customers, you just need to think about what kind of tea your friend like the most, and you should go with that.

Best tea gift baskets and sets

Every tea gift basket fans should navigate through this list of some of the best rated baskets and choose the one according to their needs. We hand picked some of the most beautiful baskets and we tried to ease the process of selecting the best tea gift basket. Take your time and read reviews from all these models and choose one when you reach to the end of this article.

Gourmet Tea Lovers Gift Purse With Bow

Best gourmet tea sets and baskets.This is excellent gift which you can order for very affordable price. Gourmet tea lovers gift purse with bow is made by Gifts Unlimited and it looks very classy and elegant. Gift purse contains several different types and packs of tea and bow is special addition which will make your gift as special as it can get. If you want to include special message for your loved one, you just need to select “gift” option before completing the purchase. Box is attractive and it is great deal for every occasion. Each tea pack is very tasty and it offers different taste for every day. This is excellent gift for your mother, teacher or even your best friend, for birthdays, Mother’s day or any other special day in your life. Basket includes several premium teas such as Apricot Medley, EnliTeaments English, Lemon and Raspberry and more. With original and classy design, this gift purse is great for all tea lovers.

Great Arrivals Gourmet Tea Gift Basket

Great Arrivals Gourmet Tea Gift Basket is currently new on the market, but it looks awesome and we think it’s great choice as a gift for any tea lover. This gift is perfect if your friends and family are tea lovers and with hand-picked selection of teas along with chocolate and cookies, and we are sure persone who receives this gift will be delighted with the design and products inside. Tea gift basket by Great Arrivals contains English and Italian cookies, chocolate truffle and much much more. Besides chocolate truffles, there are also waffle rolls, ceramic mug, green, black and white tea, herbal tea and and it even has handles and a ribbon. If you are not sure what to get for your friend’s birthday, this is affordable and original present for sure.

Susaron All-Natural Tea Gift Box

If you need special present for someone you care, Susaron All-Natural tea gift box is very good option. In the box, there is sweetener and four different type of teas. Set includes tea for relaxation, body and mind rejuvenation, to ease digestion and to improve sleep. With great mixture of herbs, this tea set will help you feel better. Some of ingredients that can be found in tea are lemongrass, lemon peel, ginger, and many more. No matter if you have issues with sleep or digestion, this set is excellent for your health. Sweetener is also available if you like to sweeten things up a bit. Tea bags are one hundred percent biodegradable. Susaron All-Natural tea gift box is great for any occasion.

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

This tea gift basket contains delicious teas of any kind and for any type of person. If you like flavored tea from different areas on the planet, Numi organic tea set is amazing choice. No matter if you need gift for you boss or your family member, we are certain they will love this gift! Set contains six flowering tea blossoms, along with teapot and case made of bamboo. Case is elegant and classy, and teas are premium and very tasty. Teas contain no sugar or fragrance, they are delicious and healthy with real spices and fruits. For all those who want to cut back on sugar, this gift is excellent. Some of ingredients that can be found in teas are flower jewel, lavender, jade fortune, black beauty and more. Some teas are with caffeine, some of them are without. Don’t use tea pot on a stove or microwave.

California Delicious Tazo Tea Temptations Gift Basket

California Delicious Tazo Tea Temptations gift set contains mug made of ceramic and several different kind of teas – zen, earl grey and chai. Also, with this, you or person whom you want to give this gift will receive cookie and chocolate. Set is simple but very nicely designed. This is good choice for a person who likes to drink tea everyday. Teas are healthy and very delicious, along with cookies and chocolate. If you are looking for simple but effective present, this one is good choice.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Tea Lovers Care Package Gift Box

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets for tea enthusiasts is presented in nicely manner and beautiful design. Package is available in frustration free option, so you don’t have to worry about shipping and other issues during transport. With this set, many customers also ordered chocolate and caramel basket along with dried fruit. Beautiful day to start new day! Art of Appreciation selection of teas is close to perfection. Some of teas you can find here are key lime ice mix, vanilla spice chai mix, orange spiced chai mix, apricot medley tea, English breakfast tea, and many more. Cookies are also there are they are delicious.

Gourmet Tea Lovers Gift Gold Box

This is excellent gourmet tea lovers gift gold box with bow and it is available from Gifts Unlimited, and this set includes Melville honey spoons great mother’s day gift. Don’t wait for Mother’s day to give your mother perfect gift, you can purchase gift for her every day of the year, and this is one of the most unique you can find. Elegant and classy box in gold color provides amazing tea time for you and your loved ones. You can get this set for any other celebration you want. There are four completely unique honey spoons and set is hand made for maximum perfection. Some of teas you can find here are Lemon and Raspberry, Highland Select, Apricot Medley, English Breakfast and more. Original and great for various occasions!

Purely Pink Tea Gift Basket

Purely Pink Tea Gift Basket is very beautiful especially if you like pink color. In this basket, everything you need is included – black tea, chocolate, teapot, creams and it all comes perfectly designed. Great for girls and women, combination is really exotic and it contains rose gloss finish teapot, twenty five tea bags and white colorate with creams. Actual product can vary from image, and this all depends of availability.

Just What The Doctor Ordered – Get Well Tea Gift Basket

Just What The Doctor Ordered – Get Well Tea Gift Basket is made by English Tea Store and it has affordable price. As it name says, it is intended for all people who need to get well as soon as they can. Gift basket contains yellow tea pot, ten tea bags of English Breakfast tea and ten Irish Breakfast tea bags. It also has squeezer for tea bag and one animal, along with Honey Sticks. If you have friend or family member who is ill and you want to get better as soon as they can, this gift basket is excellent choice. Delivery is fast, and many customers and recipients loved it!

Earl Grey Tea Gift Basket

Earl Grey Tea Gift Basket is one of the top rated products by English Tea Store and it contains tea pot and tea bag caddy. There are fifty tea bags of Earl Grey Loose leaf tea and Earl Grey tea. Along this, there are tea infuser mesh ball and drip bowl, and for dessert, chocolate is available. Earl Grey tea is one of the most delicious teas in the world, and you will definitely not be wrong if you order this gift case for your loved one or for your parent, brother or sister.

WISSOTZKY Magic Tea Box, 80-Count

Magic tea box by Wissotzky Tea is one of the best selling products in Tea samplers category, and it has more than three hundred mostly positive reviews. Box is really nicely designed, it has eight types of black tea, along with green grea and herbal and fruit infusions. Some of teas you can find here are orange and mandarin tea, Earl Grey tea, classic tea, Spearmint tea, and many many more. As it name says, it has eighty tea bags without staples. Wissotzky tea provides really healthy and delicious types of tea, and this product is a must if you are tea enthusiasts. Are you trying to cut on caffeine? Don’t worry, there are three type of teas without caffeine. For more information, check out labels or ask manufacturer directly. Some teas smell too strong, but if you don’t mind this, it has really affordable price and nice ratings. Box is made of wood, and it really looks nicely crafted. Some customers found taste of teas average, some of them are really nicely surprised how teas taste, we guess it all depends of the personal opinion. You can sure try all of them and decide if these teas suits you or not.

Final thoughts about gourmet tea gift baskets

Tea is really one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Most people drink coffee, but in the last few years, tea is getting more and more enthusiasts all over the world. There are so many tastes and so many brands you can choose from. Also, there are so many different teas in the world, and most of them are great for our health, there are plenty of models and types and different manufacturers of tea gift baskets.

We are here to help you to choose perfect tea gift for your loved one, family member or even a boss or a coworker. Searching for the right product is not difficult but it is not easy too because if you don’t know much about teas, you don’t know which one to choose for each occasion. In our list, you can find tea sets that are one of the top rated and also best selling on Amazon, and if you have limited budget, you can consider some of this gourmet tea gift sets to purchase. So, if you are out of ideas and you don’t know what to buy as a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other day for celebration of any occasion, this list, we hope, will be very helpful.

If you are looking for tea for better sleep, or for better digestion, or you just need some tea to have when your friends come over to your place, check out list above and you will definitely find something for you. What do you waiting for? Start navigate through our list of best gourmet tea gift boxes and we are certain you will find a product according to your needs and preferences.

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