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10 Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know About

Green tea has a very long history, and it is not exactly known when and how or who found green tea in its original form.

There are plenty of stories and legends about the discovery of green tea, each of these stories is interesting, but no one can argue which of these stories is completely true.

What it is definitely certain is that green tea is more than four and even five thousand years old.

Green tea is made from the plant Camellia sinensis, and it is prepared when you put tea leaves in boiling water.

The healthiest version of tea is obtained without sugar and artificial additives.

Plenty of books about green tea:

There are plenty of books about preparation and proper use of green tea.

A large number of books comes and origins from China, and in these books could it is revealed how green tea properly used and how it is served.

Today there are several types of methods of green tea preparation, and these types vary in where green tea grows and at what time of year it’s harvested.

Where does green tea originate from?

Green tea originates from China, and it is generally accepted that is found around 4700 years during the time of Emperor Shennong.

Emperor coincidentally dropped a couple of leaves of tea in boiling water during the trip.

After he tried this accidental drink and tasted it, he ordered his companions to prepare him this very tasty drink throughout the rest of the trip.

Green tea consumption:

Tea consumption had great social significance in China, so a lot of time was spent on identifying the actual best method of preparation of tea.

Today, the teas are prepared in different ways, but traditional preparation brings the best effects to the human body.

Green tea is prepared by steeping. It is best to add four grams of green tea to two hundred milliliters of water.

This amount is equivalent to a quantity of one teaspoon to one hundred and fifty milliliters of hot water.

The water temperature should be between 142 F and 189 F, and brewing or steeping should last from half a minute to three minutes.

If green tea is of low quality, it should be taken a bit longer to steep. Green tea of high quality needs a shorter period of time for steeping, but you need to steep it several times in a row.

If tea is over-steep, a bitter taste is obtained that most people do not like.

Is green tea good for your health?

It is common knowledge that green tea has a great advantage for human health.

Due to the small number of calories, you can consume it every day without having to count calories.

1. Weight loss – Weight loss is definitely in, especially if you are overweight. There are so many methods and programs for losing weight, but some of them are not good for you and it could cause unwanted side effects.

Drinking green tea will not make you slim after a couple of days, but it could increase your metabolism a bit.

Don’t expect miracles because, in order to lose weight, you also have to change your diet habits. There are not enough evidence of the huge benefits of green tea for losing weight.

2. Cancer prevention – Polyphenols in green tea can decrease tumor growth according to National Cancer Institute based on animal studies.

Some case studies show that green tea can decrease the risk of lung, prostate, ovarian, esophageal, prostate and skin cancer, but more researches are needed to confirm this.

3. Heart disease and green tea – Heart and cardiovascular diseases are one of the dangerous diseases in the 21st century.

Drinking green tea can reduce the risk of these diseases according to numerous studies. This is because green tea has a positive effect of heart and blood vessels.

4. Lowering cholesterol – Green tea lowers total and LDL cholesterol while good, HDL cholesterol level remains the same.

This is good news for all people who tries to lower concentration but they don’t want to change their diet.

Although, we definitely recommend to reduce fast food and unhealthy drinks for maximum results.

5. Type 2 diabetes – There are not enough scientifically proven facts about lowering glucose in the bloodstream, but some studies showed that green tea can prevent type 2 diabetes.

This depends on the genetic predisposition of a person.

6. Skincare – Because of antioxidants, green tea can make your skin looks more flexible and clear. If you take care of your skin every day, drinking green tea can help you in this process.

Many studies showed that green tea reduces skin inflammation and many types of skin conditions such as psoriasis.

7. Anti-stress – Stress cannot be avoided because in this world we are living, stress is part of every day.

But, we can do something to reduce stress – with positive thinking, regular exercise and consuming healthy beverages and food.

Green tea is rich in theanine, and theanine works well against depression and stress.

8. Boost immune system – If your immune system is weak, you will most likely to catch a cold, you will feel tired and sleepy all day, and you will not have enough energy to complete all your tasks during the day.

Green tea, because of flavonoids and antioxidants, and also caffeine will boost and improve your immune system in just a week or two.

9. Improves the function of brain – Heart, and brain are very well connected. If green tea has a positive impact on your heart, it will have a positive impact on your brain too.

It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in many people.

Polyphenols have a positive influence on your brain and it improves brain functions. It improves memory and learning.


Final thoughts about green tea benefits

If you love to drink tea, green tea will be a definitely good choice for everyday consumption.

Many people drink it no matter if they don’t like its taste, but we think that, after some time, you will definitely love the taste of green tea!

Also, the health benefits of green tea are numerous. Although there are not enough scientific facts about green tea benefits, we can say that drinking green tea is good for you.

Because it is widely used in China, and Chinese people knows a lot about healthy beverages and healthy food, you can drink at least one cup of green tea every day.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. It is good if you want to lose weight, boost energy or immune system, or to decrease the risk of some type of cancer.

If you didn’t start drinking green tea, you better start today. And check out these stuff for making tea.

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