All You Need to Know About Cat Yowling

Are you alarmed at the strange noises that your kitten makes? Well, if you are wondering as to why they do so, we’ll have your concern covered here. It might just be relieving to know that it’s normal for your cat to make all kinds of sounds. Be it their purrs, meows, or yowls, these come naturally to cats. After all, most of their communication happens that way, right?

Coming to the point of why this not-so-pleasant yowling sound, while you need not be worried, being alert could help you understand your four-legged buddy better. Deciphering the needs of a yowling cat won’t be difficult if you observe it closely. We’ve listed a few common reasons why most cats yowl. We hope this enables you to establish a better relationship with your cuddle buddy.

Is your feline buddy hungry?

A hungry cat is likely to draw your attention with whatever it takes it to do so. You can expect a hungry cat to yowl so that you refill its bowl. However, if you find it making that strange noise despite a full bowl around it, it could indicate something else.

Is he bored?

Your feline friend likes to be treated majestically in every possible way. Its yowling could relay boredom as well. The same environmental exposure can be both boring and frustrating for almost anyone. If your kitten has not been outdoor for long, consider taking it out for a walk. Observe it closely during that period. If it stops making unpleasant sounds, it might have got just what it was looking for.

It may not be possible to recreate the ditto outdoor environment indoors for your pet. In such situations, wanting to step out could be an instinctive calling. If you see that it wants to step out, you can consider setting up an enclosure for it in the garden where it can have a quiet and safe time.

Is your cat calling for attention?

cat yawning

Cats love all the attention that you usher but there are a few that may still call for more. You might have noticed how most cats enjoy their lazy lone time just around any corner of the house but then that cannot be declared as a universal trait.

Many like to see you turn heads often, especially if you haven’t been around the house lately, not played with it or cuddled it. If you can make time, spend adequate time with it and see if that makes any difference.

Is your cat undergoing any changes? 

Just like humans do, your cat could also be battling to adjust with its hormonal rushes. It is common to find breeding cats making such sounds. You can consult its vet to see if spraying it helps control yowling. Read this for information on how to deal with a female cat in heat @

Also, look out for signs of discomfort. Your feline bundle might just be in pain that’s causing it to yowl. It could be an injury, an underlying medical condition, or just about any pain that must be irritating it.

Check for stress and anxiety issues in your fluffy pet. Sometimes simple things like spotting an insect or another cat beyond his reach could be upsetting it.

If you’ve brought a cat home for the first time, allow it the time to adjust to its new surroundings. You can set-up a cat-friendly environment to make sure it feels safe. However, if you observe that your kitten is relentless yowling, it could be due to other underlying behavioral or physical changes that are impacting it. If you are unable to identify, it would be best to take it to the vet without much delay.

Older cats are susceptible to developing cognitive conditions such as dementia that can cause an array of dysfunctions. Caring for them can considerably reduce yowling. Feeding them nutritious meals and creating an enriching environment can be comforting. This would not only aid in promoting good health but also make sure that the cause behind its crankiness is taken care of. Hop over to this site for ideas on what you can feed your feline friend.

Hopefully, someone who is smart enough will build an app for us to easily assess our cat’s moods!  Many cat owners share that they simply learn to live with the yowling noises. Night yowls may not need much attention as these could be random calls signifying their wish to be with you.